An official photograph of Adolf Hitler, believed to have been captured by his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, has turned up at a house in Cleethorpes, UK.

The print appears to show the official ?Hoffmann? stamp on the back and belonged to Frank Priest from Lincolnshire who died in 1978.

Frank served in the Navy during the Second World War during which time he was sent to a prisoner of war camp in Italy.

?How he came across it I don?t know,? said Frank?s son Ian who told us that he is now on a mission to find out more.

The b&w print appears to have been folded, perhaps to carry in a jacket pocket on Frank’s return home.

Speaking to Amateur Photographer magazine last night Ian said: ?It was only when we were clearing the house of things that we came across it. Nobody knew about it until we started clearing the room out. It was in a filing cabinet with all my Dad?s photos of the boats from the war. I would love to know more about it.?

Ian said that his father never spoke about the picture.

Hitler?s official photographer Heinrich Hoffmann was arrested after the war and sentenced to prison as a Nazi ?profiteer?. He died in Munich in December 1957.

The latest Hitler discovery comes just days after photographs of Hitler captured by a British secret agent were revealed for the first time (see this week?s AP).

Pictures: Supplied courtesy of Ian Priest

? If anyone wishes to contact Ian Priest about the photograph please call Chris Cheesman on the Amateur Photographer newsdesk. Tel: 020 3148 4129 or email