Adobe celebrates Photoshop’s birthday with another fiendish quiz

Adobe released the brand new updated version of its challenge on Twitter last night:

The challenge itself is here. The concept is straightforward: twenty-five images, some of which are real, some of which are not. It’s up to you to sort the truth from fiction.

Sounds easy but be careful – with optical illusions, elaborate setups and genuine natural wonders in amongst the roster, not everything is as real or unreal as it seems.

Judging by the responses Adobe’s been getting on Twitter, quite a few photographers have already found the challenge to be a little harder than they expected:

Photoshop originally celebrated its 25th birthday back in February of this year. For a detailed history of how the firm evolved over the years to become the powerhouse it is today, see Martin Evening’s detailed account of its history.

We also examined how Photoshop has shaped our view of society in that time, and steeled ourselves for a sad look at the world of Photoshop disasters – when Photoshop goes very, very wrong.

If you give the latest ‘Real or Photoshop’ challenge a try, let us know what score you get on Twitter – @AP_Magazine