ACTIVEON 360 Dog Vest_Key Visual black.web

The 360 Dog Vest allows a camera to be attached to the animal’s back or neck ‘without disturbing them’, according to action-camera maker Activeon, which says it can be used to give an ‘exclusive insight’ into the world of your favourite pet.

Built to be suitable for dogs weighing 7-54kg, the vest is designed for use with Activeon’s own brand camera and ‘numerous models from other manufacturers’.

The company adds: ‘Equipped with the new Activeon 360 Dog Vest, your dog can have his action camera with him at all times and record unforgettable moments or new tricks…

‘The camera can be rotated and swivelled allowing for a wide range of perspectives.’

Priced £39.99, the vest is made of ‘animal-friendly material’ and billed as the perfect gift for dog owners who ‘will not have to worry about their four-legged friend jumping into water or rolling in the mud… as the 360 Dog Vest can easily be rinsed off’.

A UK availability date has not yet been announced.