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Creating a wedding album that feels high-end when you have limited time and design skills can be tricky. AP has teamed up with Saal Digital to make the process not only pain free, but also enjoyable!

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Wedding albums are family heirlooms, treasured objects showing a fresh chapter in the lives of two people. As such, these books need to be designed and printed with care and an understanding of their importance and longevity.

Whether you’re a wedding photographer designing a package for clients, or an individual looking to surprise a loved one, Saal Digital has a range of Professional Line Photo Books designed to showcase your talents.

15 tips for creating the perfect wedding portfolio with Saal Digital

Stimulate the senses

Photo books are tactile objects, so think about all the senses when you’re making decisions about materials and finish. Using linen, leatherette or cork, for example, will change the feel (and viewing experience) of the book. Saal Digital Professional Line Photo Books come with a range of cover options including acrylic, which gives added luminosity and colour depth.

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Saal Digital Professional Line Photo Books come with a range of attractive cover options

Pace yourself

It’s tempting to cram every page full of pictures, but it’s important to leave space for your images to breathe, and for your viewer/client to pause and appreciate what they’re looking at. Mix full-bleed spreads with single pictures and generous borders, think about pace and the journey the viewer will take through your book. Use plenty of white space to give your album a timeless feel.

Place pictures freely

We’ve all seen pictures disappear down the gutter (the inside margin) when a book doesn’t lie flat, but all Saal Digital’s Photo Books have Layflat Binding, which means you can place pictures freely without losing detail; perfect for group shots and scene-setting vistas. What’s more, none of the products feature unsightly manufacturer’s logos!

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An example of Layflat – Saal Digital offers a wide range of layout options

Seek inspiration

Study your favourite books and make a note of any successful layouts, fonts or materials. Ask yourself why some designs work better than others and apply this knowledge to your book. It can help to arrange images in ‘chapters’ so that a change of style or story isn’t jarring. Use blank space as punctuation.

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Colour fastness is guaranteed for 75 years

Futureproof your pictures

Photo books are a great way of preserving memories, but you need your photographs to be preserved too. Saal Digital guarantees colour fastness for 75 years, which means that those images of the groom’s speech will live on in print (and memory) for generations.

Write away

Adding text to your photo book can be a great way to inject extra emotion. You might, for example, create a book featuring comments and well wishes from wedding guests, poems or even lines from the wedding vows.

Don’t forget the details

Think carefully about the order of your book. Most albums are laid out like short films: they start with images that set the scene and end with pictures of the reception or the couple driving off into the sunset. But it’s important to include detail shots to provide atmosphere: petals on a table, hair accessories, wedding favours etc.

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Adding a Premium Gift Box is a great way to make the images even more memorable

Upscale your offering

If you’re a photographer looking for a high-end result, add a Premium Gift Box to your order. The box is handmade and has a fine leatherette cover, making it stylish and secure. It’s a great way to add value to a wedding package.

Make the most of your skills

Saal Digital offers three design modes to help you make the most of your skills – even when time is tight. Choose from One Minute Photo Book, Comfort Designer and Empty Template – each offers a different degree of flexibility, but all are supported by help and suggestions.

Think beyond the day

Wedding portfolios make great anniversary gifts! Get in touch with some of the people who attended the original event and ask them to send over pictures or memories from the day. Team these with more recent highlights (children, holidays etc) and surprise your loved one with a truly thoughtful gift!

Accept some help

When it comes to designing your book, you’re not on your own. Saal Digital offers plenty of video tutorials, tools and features that make the process enjoyable. The book software is constantly being updated, so check regularly to see what’s new. If you want something you can’t see, drop the team a line and state your case – feedback is welcome.

Stay connected

Think about the relationship between images – particularly action/reaction. Where possible, tell a story: if the groom delivered a stirring speech, for example, pair this picture with one of the bride or guests reacting.

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There are lots of design customisation options

Customise your design

Wedding albums should be tactile, cherished objects. Saal Digital understands the need for beautiful, bespoke portfolios, which is why its Professional Line Photo Books are handmade. You can choose from Portrait, Square or Landscape formats, with a variety of cover options which can be customised with text and clipart. The XT version also has extra thick pages for a luxurious feel.

Be prepared

Saal Digital offers a wealth of information to help you prepare your digital files for printing including clarification around colour management, monitor calibration and soft proofing. If you get stuck, drop them a line!

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Why not order a smaller version for other family members?

Keep it in the family

Once you’ve seen the finished article, you might decide to buy a smaller version for the bride’s parents or other family members (if you’re a pro shooter this is a great add-on). Saal Digital offers Landscape and Square Professional Line Photo Books in two different sizes.

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