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 28 March 2015 – Was photography easier in the days of shooting film?

Black & White film

21 March 2015 – Do you always carry a camera with you?

carry a camera

14 March 2015 – Have you ever gone out in a group to take photographs?

McNaughton Group shot th

21 Feburary 2015 – What resolution is your main camera?


14 Feburary 2015 – Do you own studio equipment for taking portraits?


7 February 2015 – Would you be prepared to convert one of your cameras to Black & White?

black and white

31 January 2015 – Have you used wireless flash control?


24 January 2015 – What do you think of this year’s Taylor Wessing Award Winner?


17 January 2015 – How much photoshop manipulation do you consider acceptable?

Photoshop manipulation

10 January 2015 –  Do you still shop at a specialist local photo retailer?

3 January 2015 – What gear are you thinking of buying this year?

gear DD2 copy

20-27 December 2014 – Did you fulfil your photographic New Year’s Resolutions from 2014?

new year's resolutions start

13 December 2014 – Do you still brave the weather and take landscapes in the winter?

Photo by Richard Sibley

Photo by Richard Sibley

6 December 2014 – Have you ever risked your safety for the sake of a picture?

car rally picture Mike Topham

Photo by Mike Topham

29 November 2014 – Who do you mainly take portrait pictures of?

portrait picture  Charles Long by Callum McInerney-Riley Weekly poll archive

Photo by Callum McInerney-Riley

22 November 2014 – Would you like to try drone photography if you had the chance?

Drone photography Weekly poll archive

15 November 2014 – How many of the filters featured in our guide this week (page 10) do you own and use?

filters Weekly poll archive

8 November 2014 – How old were you when you first took up photography?

birthday cake Weekly poll archivePhoto by abrazee

1 November 2014 – Do you use the camera on your phone for ‘proper’ photography?

Weekly poll archive bluebells Ailsa McWhinnie

Photo by Ailsa McWhinnie

25 October 2014 – Do you think there’s a place for instant film in the age of digital?

Polaroid SX-70 Weekly poll archive

18 October 2014 – When was the last time you shot a roll of film?

Black & White film Weekly poll archive

11 October – What interests you most about photography history?

4 October 2014 – Would you be interested in a medium format digital camera if it was affordable?

Leica S-E

27 September 2014 – Is there still a need for high-end DSLR cameras with APS-C size sensors?

Canon EOS 7D Mark II image 12

20 September 2014 – Are you impressed or appalled at the idea of using 4k video for stills photography?

4K video studio portrait

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