Vote for the champion image of the Year 2015

Looking through the images submitted to the various photography competitions that take place throughout the year is so much more than just viewing a bunch of nice pictures. A careful analysis will show just how democratic the field of photography is. Images taken by professional photographers can fit comfortably side by side with those taken by so-called amateurs.

This year saw some stunning entries from the Royal Photographic Society, Landscape Photographer of the Year, World Press Photo Awards, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, British Wildlife Photography Awards, Sony World Photography and British Life Photography Awards. While there were a few other awards, the ones I have listed were of particular note because of how unusual, or, in one or two cases, how challenging they were. Of the images here, we want to know your favourite. Have your say 3 January 2016.

Image 1


David Yeo won first prize in the British Life Photography Awards with his image ‘Vroom with a View’

Image 2

champion of champion's

This unusual image, taken over a cliff edge by Barrie Williams, was the winner of British Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Image 3

champion of champion's

This year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year was Dorset-based Andy Farrer

Image 4

champion of champion's

Jan Klos took the fold award at this year’s RPS International Print Exhibition with his image of the staff at Shoreditch’s Nelson’s Head Pub

Image 5

champion of champions

This aerial shot was taken by Armin Appel and went on to take first prize in the Sony World Photography Award’s Open Category

Image 6

champion of champions

Don Gutoski’s once-in-a lifetime image “A Tale of Two Foxes’ went on to win Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Image 7

champion of champions

David Yeo won first prize in the British Life Photography