Photo by Andrew Sydenham

How to apply

We are pleased to announce we will be continuing our expert-led Masterclass series throughout 2013. Every month we invite three to five AP readers to join one of our experts on an assignment over the course of a day. 

See below for more details on applying to be on a Masterclass.

Photo by Andrew Sydenham

Amateur Photographer experts for 2013 will include Cathal McNaughton (documentary) and Tom Mackie (landscape) as well as Luke Massey (wildlife), and Annabel Williams (portraits). They’ll be joined by special one-off guest experts in a range of other topics, so no matter what genre of photography you want to improve, AP is here to help.

Photo by Luke Massey

How to take part

If you would like to take part please send an email. Please include your name, telephone number, address in the body of your email and you also need to include four low-res images relevant to the Masterclass for which you are applying. If you prefer to apply by post please send a letter with the above information and enclose prints of your images. For prints to be returned you must include a stamped addressed envelope with sufficient postage.

Please send postal applications to: 

Oliver Atwell
Amateur Photographer

Blue Fin Building

110 Southwark Street

SE1 0SU 

Tel 020 3148 4123

Photo by Tom Mackie

Articles and photographs from the 

Masterclass 2012 series

Masterclass 2011 series

Masterclass 2010 series

Please click on the links below to find out more about our Pro Photographers. 

Tom Mackie – Landscape

Tom Mackie, a former contributor to AP’s Photo Insight series, is one of
the world’s leading Photographers. He has spent many years as an architectural, industrial and landscape photographer, and has a penchant for panoramic photography. Tom has published several books and written numerous articles for photography magazines. He also lectures on photography and regularly holds workshops in the UK and abroad.

To read more about Tom Mackie visit:

Photo by Tom Mackie

Cathal McNaughton – Documentary

Cathal McNaughton in his award winning career as a press photographer has travelled the world covering the conflict in Northern Ireland, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and events such as Paris Fashion Week.

Providing images to The Press Association and Reuters news agency, Cathal’s work has appeared in major publications including The New York Times and Time Magazine, as well as high-profile advertising campaigns.

has been named UK press photographer of the year and received numerous awards including the 2010 Amateur Photographer Power of Photography award. A regular contributor to AP’s Photo Insight series, Cathal also runs workshops.

To find out more about Cathal McNaughton visit

Photo by Cathal McNaughton

Annabel Williams – Portraiture

Annabel Williams, one of the world’s leading portrait photographers, first picked up her camera over 20 years ago and immediately set about changing the face of photography, with her natural style and totally different viewpoint.

Incredibly passionate about
bringing out the best in people, she has forged a highly successful career as an inspirational photographer and highly motivating tutor.
has always believed that photography should be less complicated; and has worked hard to give people confidence in their own creativity, and enjoy shooting pictures without being held back by the technical side.
previously acquired skills as a special-needs teacher allowed her to truly understand the psychology of people and utilise these skills to get the best possible images of them. It also strengthened her encouraging influence which has helped thousands of photographers to realise and fulfil their otential.
“Annabel has inspired a whole new generation of hotographers with her enthusiasm and simplistic approach to photography” Canon UK

To find out more about Annabel Williams visit

photo by Annabel Williams

Luke Massey – Wildlife

Photo by Mark Hamblin

Luke Massey, 20 year old wildlife photographer and cameraman specialising in anything that has wings, feathers, fur, scales, gills, legs, antennae but willing to venture into pretty much anything.

Travelling all over the UK and further afield, he enjoys experiencing other cultures and environments and recording them through photography and film. He loves being able to share photos with people, to see someone learn something new, see something they’ve never seen before or just put a smile on their face is what he think it’s all about.

He’s recently worked on BBC Springwatch and BBC Seasons (airing in 2013), along with writing pieces for Birdwatching magazine.
He has a wide knowledge of British wildlife in tracking and identifying it and tries to show animals in their habitat as much as possible in his photography.
He’s currently a young champion on the 2020Vision project, a fresh new approach to educating people and promoting our natural environment to the public.

To see more about Luke Massey visit

Photo by Luke Massey