Lomography has announced a new Nour Triplet V2.0/64 Bokeh Control Art Lens which is compatible with Canon, Nikon and Sony full-frame cameras. The lens offers a range of bokeh effects with the key feature being a knob for spherical aberration with three bokeh effects options – soft, classic and bubble.

The lens has a versatile 64mm focal length as well as silent stopless focus and aperture rings, coupled with follow-focus gear rings for precise control. It will be available at the starting price of $335 at the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign with delivery options available before the 24th of December 2023.

Nour Triplet V2.0/64 Bokeh Control Art Lens

This lens is designed to work with full-frame cameras. Image from Lomography

ILCE-7M4 · f/5.6 · 1/320s · 105mm · ISO100

From Lomography:

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new Lomography Art Lens. The Nour Triplet V 2.0/64 Bokeh Control Art Lens by Hasan Ibn al-Haytham, Cairo, c.1021 CE gives photographers and videographers the opportunity to cast an irresistible spell of dazzling light using three levels of spherical aberration control.

Launching on Kickstarter in a historically-inspired brass design and sleek black aluminium version for full-frame mirrorless Canon RF, Nikon Z and Sony E mounts, the lens will be available to backers at an unrivalled starting price of $335 with 25% savings to be made on early bird pledges, with a delivery option before December 24th 2023.

Campaign link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lomography/nour-triplet-bokeh-control-art-lens

Early bird pledge black aluminium lens: 335 USD
Early bird pledge brass lens: 410 USD
Final retail price black aluminium lens: 449 USD
Final retail price brass lens: 549 USD

Portrait by Sunsern Poontavee using the Nour Triplet Lens.

Portrait by Sunsern Poontavee using the Nour Triplet Lens.

Discover a Modern Lens for a Historic Mind

Shedding light on the groundbreaking contributions to science and optics of a forgotten scientist, Hasan Ibn al-Haytham, Lomography’s newest lens combines historical design with modern innovation to offer artistic possibilities to full-frame mirrorless camera users.

Explore Three Levels of Spherical Aberration Control

Taking users on a creative journey, this exciting lens ensures total freedom of expression with three levels of controllable spherical aberration: soft, classic and soap bubble.

Dive into Powerful Portraiture

An incredibly versatile tool, the 64 mm focal length is particularly powerful for portraits when combined with the unique aberration effects and specially shaped aperture plates.

Portrait by Nick Collingwood

Portrait by Nick Collingwood

Tell Your Own Story Through Impressive Cinematic Videography

Offering total control over any scene, videographers can capture the essence of every moment and create stunning cinematographic effects directly in-camera.

Key features of the Nour Triplet Lens

Key features of the Nour Triplet Lens. Photo from Lomography

Features of the Nour Triplet V2.0/64 Bokeh Control Art Lens: 

  • Available in a historic brass design and a sleek black aluminium version.
  • Unique spherical aberration control knob for three powerful bokeh effects:
    – Soft – timeless, ethereal scenes stand out with softened light and a slight swirl.
    – Classic – elevates a sharp subject against an enchanting diffused backdrop.
    – Bubble – creates mesmerizing separation between your subject and backdrop with bubble-shaped bokeh texture.
  • Optimal for portraits with a 64 mm focal length.
  • Maximum aperture of f/2.0 for a beautifully shallow depth of field and excellent low-light performance.
  • Special-shaped rear drop-in aperture plates for exquisite bokeh effects.
  • Modern helicoid focusing mechanism for quick operation and easy integration with filmmaking gear.

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