This week we have a FREE Supplement: 52 Weekend Projects with Amateur Photographer 24 October 2015

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52 Weekend Projects Supplement 24 Oct 15


Urban landscapes
Take a still from video
Hazy portraits
Child portraits
Traffic trails
Letter montage
Stick to one lens
Capture your town
Shoot mono
Winter details
Keep it simple
Walk in the woods
Disused Underground
Shoot from ground level
Shoot a music event
Misty mornings
Rainy windows
Get the film effect
Objects from your shed
Look up
Make a photo book
The Boat Race
Shooting in the rain
Minimalist street photography
Public gardens
London Marathon
Book a model
Calibrate your monitor
Visit a wildlife centre
Photograph your car
Keep it local
Update your firmware
Poppy fields
Shadow portraits
Shoot a country fair
Fishing season
Lavender fields
Shoot a family event
Colourful still life
High-contrast street shots
Shoot borage
Pinterest mood board
Notting Hill Carnival
Cross processing
Shoot urban wildlife
Outdoor sculpture
Re-process an old image
Silhouette landscapes
Photograph your cat
Long-exposure architecture