Amateur Photographer: Advanced Photography Skills Spring 2014 is now off-sale in the shops but still available digitally or can be purchased as a back issue*

Controlling digital noise

Everything you need to know

12 essential landscape editing skills

Get the best possible landscape images
Lighting gels

The cheapest accessories can be the most useful
Long exposures

How to do them right
Use shallow depth of field

Get creative with wide-open apertures
Paint with light

Capture exciting hand-lit images
The perfect ratio

Give your photos the panoramic treatment
Street photography
Why not try it yourself?
Travel photography

Your essential guide to shooting round the world
Make your own photo book

It’s not as hard as you think
20 ideas to inspire your photography

Avoid the photographic rut with a new challenge
APS-C-format DSLR kit lens upgrade

Get sharper images and greater versatility
Portable projectors

Display your images at a moment’s notice
Cable-release systems

Six of the best
Check a second-hand lens

What to look for when buying
Learning to love the flaws

Use lens imperfections creatively
Square filters

Buyers’ guide

* For a back issue please send a cheque for £4 made payable to Time Inc (UK) Ltd to Amateur Photographer, Back Issues, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU stating the magazine and date your require.