Welcome to Smartphone Picture of the Week! Each week, we select and share the best of your smartphone photography in an online feature here on our website, and on our social media. This week’s smartphone photograph is by Mamta Sofat, using an iPhone 12.

Mamta Sofat, iPhone 12

“I’m a Scotland-based photographer (primarily a hobbyist). I like to use different photography tools like a DSLR, smartphone, & rarely film cameras. At the moment, I’m using a Nikon DSLR & an iPhone 12 (upgraded from a 6-yr-old iPhone 6S). I haven’t adopted a particular style yet, I just experiment a lot, both with the tool at hand and the subjects.

In the past 6 years of living in Scotland, I’ve honed my skills in cityscape & abstract photography, and now working on my portrait skills among a few other experiments. Photography sometimes feels less like a hobby & more of an ingrained brain function. I don’t have to find time for it, I make use of most seconds of time.”

black and white train window using iPhone 12

“Although I’d credit that to the beauty of living in Scotland & using public transport for commuting. Most shots I’ve taken to date were either taken while I was commuting to uni or work. I stumble upon a subject & my hands are at the camera before my brain completes comprehending the frame.

That’s the fun of having a good smartphone, it creates accessibility but obviously, nothing beats a good quality DSLR. This shot was taken while commuting on a local Glasgow City train. It was a tiring travel day but the sunset was glorious & as it was my first time witnessing it in Glasgow, my phone was out for pretty much the entire journey.

Once the sunset, while listening to music I stared out a nearby window & saw people getting off at a stop. I missed some good shots because I don’t feel very comfortable taking shots of strangers (even those not facing me) so instead, I had tried to take shots using the smartphone on the took shots of the views outside that window as the train moved.

One of 10 shots was this perfect shot of a street light glowing outside Glasgow’s skyscraper apartments while last of the daylight shone on the apartment windows.”

Instagram: @mamtasofat (main profile) and @myscoutland (all iPhone photographs)

Website:  https://mamtasofat.picfair.com

Blog: www.mesmersblog.com

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