The images above were all captured by photographer Antonio Olmos using a Sony RX100 III.

They depict Mexico’s traditional ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations, a street festival which has its roots in Aztec culture. Throughout Mexico City thousands line the streets, lighting candles, in a celebration concentrated around the historic area of Mixquic.

Antonio’s images form the first part of a ‘Sony RX Celebrate the Streets’ series, which in future could potentially expand to include New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, India’s Holi Festival and Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls.

Antonio Olmos commented, ‘In countries across the world, the streets are a social environment where, during these events and festivals, so many conventions are broken for the day. The Mexican Day of the Dead sees people of all classes and backgrounds come together to honour the deceased and everyone shares that celebration – it’s a moment when everyone shares in both joy and sorrow at those who have died.’

Antonio also praised the ‘small, light [and] powerful’ RX100 III for being instrumental in helping him capture the colour and the atmosphere of the festivities.

We reviewed the Sony RX100 III that Antonio used back in June of this year – head here to see what Richard Sibley made of it.