Award for most gravity-defying trousers
It must take this representative of Three Legged Thing a while to get through airport security

Award for ‘don’t try this at home’ sword skills
Listen carefully kids, these swords are sharp, as the Sony stand samurai demonstrated…. They had a spear too, handy for impaling any full-frame mirrorless competitors snooping around.

Award for most unimpressed punter
Lively yourself up, Mein Herr, you have two more days to go!

Award for best ball skills
It’s a close run thing as Sony had some ball wranglers on its stand too, but the guy with the coloured balls on the main concourse wins as there is more of them.

Award for best moustache
Photokina is in Germany, right, a country famed for its facial hair topiary. This guy win best of show so far…

Award for best electronic torso belonging to the German army
No competition! Handy for first-aid practice should anyone keel over.

Award for best beer by a photographic brand
Sigma’s press party was lubricated with the help of four Sigma branded beers: a premium Pils named after its Contemporary range of lenses, a wheat beer for its Art lenses, an export lager for its Sports range and a dark beer for the sd Quattro cameras. After exhaustive testing by the AP Editor, the coveted Editor’s Choice award went to the dark beer, with the wheat beer garnering a Highly Recommended badge.