There has been a lot of online chatter about the Nikon Z6 and Z7, particularly complaints about the lack of a dual memory card slot. To get a more balanced view, AP spoke to two well-respected Nikon-using professionals, landscape photographer Jeremy Walker and music/portrait photographer John McMurtrie, official lensman for Brit metal goliaths, Iron Maiden, and much more…

Jeremy Walker
“This seems to be an excellent companion system to work along side the current Nikon DSLR range. The lens adaptor appears well thought out and doesn’t mean current Nikon users are left out. You can carry and use both systems in your camera bag.

I also love the smaller and lighter bodies, and the ergonomics appear to be of the usual high Nikon standard. Also, the new Z mount will help future-proof the Nikon line up, both in lens development and bodies.

The card slot… Personally, I would like to see two card slots. I know card failure is rare but I still like two slots for instant back-up.”

John McMurtrie
“I’m an avid Nikon user, but for me to change to a new system right now would be a step into the unknown. I don’t think the camera world was crying out for a mirrorless system.

I think it is simpler and cheaper to produce a camera with fewer working parts so the ‘mirrorless’ system makes sense from a manufacturing perspective but I think it’s more to do with Sony getting involved and becoming the mirrorless market leader. If Sony had produced a poor camera with low sales figures, I don’t honestly believe Nikon would have gone down this road.

From a professional view point I don’t see the benefits of having a mirrorless system compared to an optical one. I have an 85mm f/1.4 lens and rarely use it at f/1.4. The depth of field is too small for concert work as the field of focus is tiny. Great for portraits, but not a lot of other applications. I also worry about the battery life on the Z6 and Z7 as the EVF display is constantly on.”

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