As part of our celebration of Nikon’s centenary we’ve been featuring a lot of Nikon-focused content, including AP’s Nikon 100 years special that went on sale on July 9th. To keep the fun rolling, we’ve decided to create a Nikon camera quiz to test your camera body knowledge.

Nikon’s beginnings stretch back one hundred years, when the business began producing optical instruments three decades before it produced its first camera. That long standing history in optics is one of the reasons Nikon made such a strong name for itself as a camera manufacturer since it first introduced the Nikon Model 1 35mm rangefinder camera in 1948. Still today, one hundred years later, Nikon is still a camera brand trusted by many enthusiasts and professionals alike, so we had plenty of cameras to choose from for this Nikon camera quiz.

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We’ve drawn inspiration from Nikon’s film days, right the way through to the modern digital age. While we fully anticipate some of you will find most of these easy, there are a couple of tough ones in there so why not give it ago and test your Nikon camera body knowledge.