Britain’s Worst Holiday Photographers for 2014 have been revealed.

The competition, organised by, managed to amass a glorious collection of duff shots, mis-framings and general wonderful tat.

Here a few of the absolute best(?) of the bunch. Scroll down to see the winner of the grand prize.

1. Watch for photobombing leaves

Darryl Green

2. “Wait which button is it?”

Paul Smith

3. Nailed it

Antony Laycock

4. Three… Two… One… NOW!

Eddie Clamp

5. To be fair, mice are notoriously shy

Katie Burchill

6. On-camera flash is a perilous thing

Ryan Waters

7. “Well if it would just stop moving”

Vicki Lambert


Mike Smith

9. Oh god my leg please help

Mark Charles

And the winner…

10. ???

Sally Boorman/Jayne Boorman

(For the curious, the winning image represents an attempt by grandmother Jayne Boorman to capture a shot of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disneyland. Thankfully, she wasn’t the only photographer on the day.)

Taken any of your own holiday shots you’d rather forget? Let us know on Twitter (if you can bear to): @AP_Magazine.