Although Samsung had no new products to officially announce at CES, it was only in September, at Photokina, that the company announced its NX1 flagship camera. The NX1 is undoubtedly Samsung’s best camera to date, so it’s only right that a big deal was made of it on the Samsung stand.

Andrew Putschoegl, a photographer/director and cinematographer, was showing off the capabilities of the NX1 in a studio environment with a model and small picture/video set. The camera itself was hooked up to record 4K video and show the images live on a monitor for people to see. He talked people through the features of the camera and there were also NX1 models dotted around the set for people to use themselves. One of these NX1 cameras had an early pre-production sample of the Samsung 300mm lens attached, which we first saw at Photokina last year. After having a play with the lens, we concluded that while it appeared really sharp on the back of the camera, the focusing was slow. As the autofocusing speed of the NX1 is commended for being quick, it is logical to assume that this lens must have been a very early sample.

The camera division is just a small part of Samsung’s overall business, with the company also focusing on other areas of electronics – including TVs. Samsung showed off a brand-new 88in 4K curved SUHD television. Looking at high-resolution images on this screen is utterly amazing. The colour is incredibly rich and it certainly makes you wonder whether we will all be showing off our images on a digital display in the not-too-distant future.