Gingham frocks, victory suits, underground bunkers and ration books. The Creativity Hub took us back to the 1940s with their recent Fashion of the Ration photoshoot, hosted at the Forties Experience in Bushey, Watford. Jessica Miller shares more…

Fashion on the Ration: 1940s photoshoot

Jessica Miller 1940s Fashion on the Ration photoshoot skirted soldier portrait

Image: Jessica Miller, Model: Laura Christie

Whilst the ‘40s may not have been the dreamiest for fashion, it was however a milestone decade for style – many of which we still rock today. The Creativity Hub’s 1940s Fashion on the Ration photography event took us back a time where Christian Dior and Norman Hartwell were influential figures of the time with rationed materials, gingham, nipped in waists and utilitarian shapes.

This event was in collaboration with a number of female-led, independent, sustainable and responsible designers who echo this time throughout the featured pieces. Captivating stories, and key movements of the decade were combined with Modern couture. Sets across the weekend were named after their inspiration: VE Teatime, D Day Darling, War Birds, Skirted Soldier, Goodnight Sweetheart, Homefront, Band of Brothers, Blackout, Masters of the Air, Veronica’s Vanity Box and G.I Jive.

1940s kitchen scene with model looking out of the window

Image: Jessica Miller, Model: Emily Anderson

On each day, there were four models, with a costume and set change halfway through – totalling eight different sets each day (16 across the weekend). An event of nonstop creativity and new opportunities.

The attention to detail across these events is what make them a wonderful and immersive experience. From the location through to the names of the groups you photograph with throughout the day. Plus, inspiration organisers give you within your event programme for each set. Giving you a real starting point.

1940s fashion on the ration photoshoot

Image: Jessica Miller, Model: Hannah Lou

The Creativity Hub have continued their relationship and partnership with Rotolight, who provided all lighting for the shoot. Using their latest and award-winning lights – AEOS 2 and NEO 3, along with the R90 parabolic soft boxes.

This year we have been to previous events with The Creativity Hub x Rotolight including the Sci-fi event at The Concrete House.

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