As far as social networks go, Instagram could arguably be described as the best for photographers as by its very nature, it focuses solely on imagery.

Finding accounts to follow that don’t just consist of what your best mate had from the coffee shop this morning can be a bit of an overwhelming task. To help you out, we’ve found ten great accounts that should give you regular inspiration.

The accounts are from a range of different topics, from photographers and other users working across a range of genres and professions. This is, of course, by no means an exhaustive list, so please feel free to share any Instagram accounts you particularly enjoy in the comments box below.

The Dogist

The Dogist Instagram

Followers: 2.1m

Subject: Dogs, pets, animals

Account: @thedogist 

Get your regular fix of fantastic dog portraits from this New York based photographer. The Dogist shoots with a Nikon D750, and mainly snaps pooches in New York City but has been known to travel the globe to capture more breeds, including cities such as Los Angeles and London. Each picture has some information about where the dog was spotted, its bred and its temperament. We love the style of the Dogist’s animal portraits, which lift the imagery from standard dog snaps to give the dogs a human-like quality. NYC is a pretty epic backdrop, too.

2. Edd Kimber

Edd Kimber Instagram

Followers: 108k

Subject: Food

Account: @theboywhobakes 

Winner of the original Great British Bake Off, Edd Kimber has gone on to have a successful food career, writing books and producing recipes for all sorts of outlets. His Instagram feed is full of mouth-watering, wonderfully styled food shots that are fantastic inspiration for macro and food photographers. You also get a sneak peek at some of his upcoming recipes as a little bonus, too.

3. Eric Pare

Eric Pare Instagram

Followers: 31.8k

Subject: Light Painting

Account: @ericparephoto 

Canadian photographer Eric Pare has built up a fantastic following thanks to his inspirational light painting work. Teaming up with dancer Kim Henry to travel the globe, follow his Instagram account to fill yourself with jealously over their latest photoshoot. What’s more, Eric shares how-to tips and advice which are linked to from his page, so if something takes your fancy and you want to try it yourself, you can.

4. Will Barker

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 15.33.00

Followers: 459

Subjects: Travel, landscapes

Account: @willdotbarker 

Based in Wales, Will’s photos are all taken with either an iPhone, a GoPro or a Theta. Sometimes he uses accessories with the iPhone, but the images that he’s able to get from relatively simple kit are inspirational for everybody. The account has a mix of photos and videos, with a smattering of posts about the kit he’s using.

5. Matt Henry

Matt Henry Instagram

Followers: 1,678

Subjects: Documentary, staged photo shoots

Account: @matthenryphoto

Describing himself as obsessed with 60s America, Matt Henry is actually a British photographer born in the 80s. He specialises in staged photoshoots which recreate the look of a time gone by. His Instagram shares images from his recent shoots, and are a dose of the surreal, inspirational and, on occasion, the downright weird.

6. Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman Instagram

Followers: 966

Subjects: Portraits, lifestyle

Account: @mjchapman_photography 

The UK based photographer has a passion for portrait photography, many of which you’ll find on his colourful and varied Instagram account. Last year he completed a project called “We Met As Strangers”, where he photographed people he’d met only through Twitter. You can see the results if you scroll back through his older pictures. Recently, he has been working on a new project called “Common Ground” which explores the connections other people have made thorough Twitter. Each of his photos comes with a brief story about the subjects within.

7. JA Mortram

Small Town Inertia Instagram

Followers: 2,282

Subjects: Documentary

Account: @smalltowninertia 

JA (Jim) Mortram is an award winning social documentary photographer who is also a carer in his family home. His Instagram account tracks his long-term project “Small Town Inertia”, a collection of photo stories featuring the residents in a market town in Norfolk. The vast majority of his photographs are black and white and are shot on film, being scanned for uploading to social networking sites. Follow for old-school inspiration and fantastic story-telling.

8. Mikko Lagerstedt

Mikko Lagerstedt Instagram

Followers: 151k

Subjects: Landscapes

Account: @mikkolagerstedt

This “visual storyteller” is based in Finland and shares his ethereal and magical shots of beautiful Scandinavian nightscapes. Using long exposures and a variety of techniques, his photos are awe inspiring, unique and definitely worthy of a follow.

9. Michal Huniewicz

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 16.28.16

Followers: 228

Subjects: Travel, documentary

Account: @michal.huniewicz 

Based in London, Michal is a software developer by trade, but has a keen passion for photography in his spare time. He recently gained some notoriety for publishing a set of photos taken from North Korea, where photography is heavily restricted and controlled. Follow his account for photographs from his worldwide travels, including throwbacks to his North Korea trip.

10. The Rolling Home

The Rolling Home Instagram

Followers: 110k

Subjects: Documentary, travel

Account: @therollinghome 

Travelling the world in a VW Transporter, the Rolling Home has managed to cover 80,000 miles so far. They’ve found such success with their images that they’ve managed to create a book of their travels. The Instagram account is filled with shots from their travels, shots of the interior of the trendy van, and pictures of the escapes of the van’s owners.