Round 2: Arranged by…

Still life is the theme of our ?Arranged by?? round, and it is very much open to your interpretation. Perhaps you have a box of old relics in your attic you want to position in your kitchen when the afternoon light is just right. It could be that you found an appealing natural formation of rocks at the beach. Maybe your son?s bedroom, littered and strewn like the aftermath of a seafood platter, screams photographic potential. Or maybe you like that metaphor so much you want to shoot the seafood platter itself. In this round we are looking for an object or collection of objects from which you can experiment in composition, lighting, colour arrangements, texture reproduction and more. There are many forms of still life, and many more ways in which to interpret a scene, but be careful when composing that your image does not stray into the genre of landscapes or something else.

It?s up to you to bring it to us and to your fellow AP readers. This is your chance to show us how you see the world. The closing date for APOY Round 2 entries is 28 March. See AP 1 March for an entry form. The 1 March issue is now off-sale, but you can still buy a copy by calling 020 3148 4138

First Prize

Samsung GX-10 (body only), worth £450. Included with the GX-10 camera body is an 16-45mm lens, worth £349, an SEF-54 PFZ flash, worth £299 and an SEF-36 PFZ flash, worth

£199. In total, the first-place winner of this round will receive nearly £1,300 worth of prizes

Second prize

Samsung GX-10 standard kit, worth £500. Included in the standard kit is the GX-10 camera body and an 18-55mm standard lens. The GX-10 boasts 10.2 effective million pixels, 11 shooting modes, wireless flash, 22-bit image processing, a top ISO of 1600 and a wide range of white balance options

Third Prize

Samsung NV20 compact digital camera, worth £229. The 12.1-megapixel NV20 features the 35mm equivalent of a 34-102mm lens, seven white balance options, a 2.5in LCD, a top ISO of 3200, a wide range of shooting modes, voice and video recording and weighs just 151.7g

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