APOY 2016 Round 1: Abstract

APOY 2016 Round 3: Soul Love – Portraiture

We’re already in our third month of APOY 2016 and here are the results for the 50 from APOY round 3 Soul Love

This was a near-impossible round to judge owing to the sheer volume of entries and the quality of the images that were sent in. But the winner of round 3, Soul Love (Portrait Photography) APOY 2016 is Kyaw Zaw Lay from Myanmar. Kyaw will receive a Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM lens and EF-610 DG ST electronic flash worth a total of £1,059.98.

The Sigma 85mm f/1.4 is a great lens to consider for portrait photography. It can also be used for a variety of occasions, such as event and wedding photography or even if you’re looking for a lens to use in your everyday photography. Its distinctive focal length and large aperture give it easy movement between uses, no matter what they are. Designed for full-frame sensors, the 85mm f/1.4 will work with APS-C DSLRs with an effective increase in focal length.

APOY Portraiture

Sigma 85mm f:1.4 EX DG HSM lens and EF0610 DG ST electronic flash

Featuring a multitude of Sigma technology to further ensure unmatched image quality, the 85mm f/1.4 is equipped with a Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) for quiet, accurate, high-speed autofocusing; a Super Multi-Layer Coating to reduce flare and ghosting; and a rear focusing system to minimise fluctuation of aberration caused by focusing.

One SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass element and one glass mould element give excellent correction for all types of aberrations and ensure superior optical performance. Designed to optimise available light, it has dedicated lens hoods to block out extraneous light, a glass coating for better results from backlighting scenarios, and a nine-blade diaphragm for superb background effects. All this means that the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM medium telephoto lens ensures
a natural perspective.

Kyaw will also receive an EF-610 DG ST electronic flashgun. With a GN (guide number) of 61m @ ISO 100, this flash is designed to work with the latest TTL auto exposure systems of all popular digital and film SLRs.

1st Kyaw Zaw Lay, Myanmar 50pts

APOY 2016 Round 3

1st Kyaw Zaw Lay, Myanmar 50pts

Nikon D3S, 24-70mm, 1/200sec at f/10, ISO 100

Portraiture is one of those genres that takes real confidence to pull off. Sometimes it’s a matter of approaching people in the first place. At other times it’s knowing exactly what to do to bring out the qualities of the subject. Here we find a clear winner. Kyaw Zaw Lay is the winner of this APOY round with his unique portrait of a gentleman smearing coloured paint on a sheet of glass. There’s an intensity about the image in the subject’s concentrating eyes and the beads of sweat on his forehead. The framing of the subject is quite beautiful, as is the mixture of colours. It’s a real stand-out image and a worthy winner.

2nd Jevgenijs Scolokovs, Latvia 49pts

APOY 2016 round 3

2nd Jevgenijs Scolokovs, Latvia 49pts

Canon EOS 5D, 85mm, 1/1000sec at f/2, ISO 100

Although not obligatory, as we’ll see over the following pages, one of the key elements of creating a successful portrait is focusing on the eyes of the subject. This picture is an excellent example. The large eyes of the girl draw you right into the image and can make you feel almost as if she is looking through the frame and directly at you. The subtle sepia toning is a perfect choice.

3rd David Fletcher, Tyne and Wear 48pts

APOY 2016 round 3

3rd David Fletcher, Tyne and Wear 48pts

Canon EOS 7D, 24-105mm, 1/250sec at f/11, ISO 100

David took this shot while out with his camera club after they were invited to a training session with the Northumberland Lightning American football team. This allowed them to get the players in various poses and experiment with lights. David used three Yongnuo Speedlites on stands, one on each side of the player, to give a rim-light effect, plus one on the ground zoomed to spotlight his face. The lights were positioned so the bars of the helmet would not cast shadows on the eyes.

Here are the top 50 entries for this APOY 2016 Round 3: Soul Love

1 Kyaw Zaw Lay 50pts
2 Jevgenijs Scolokovs 49pts
3 David Fletcher 48pts
4 Mark Anthony Agtay 47pts
5 Claire Meakin 46pts
6 Chris Evans 45pts
7 Dominic Beaven 44pts
8 Pawel Pentlinowski 43pts
9 Ed Burrows 42pts
10 Tomer Eliash 41pts
11 Penny Halsall 40pts
12 Martin Kimchi 39pts
13 Owen Vachell 38pts
14 James Polley 37pts
15 Brian McDonnell 36pts
16 Andrew Blake 35pts
17 Luis Palomino Domínguez 34pts
18 Mick Davis 33pts
19 Richard Eyers 32pts
20 Dani Colston 31pts
21 Xu Ying Zhe 30pts
22 Ana Caroline de Lima 29pts
23 Russ Barnes 28pts
24 Michael Marsh 27pts
25 Bertrand Chombart 26pts
26 Kestas Venzlauskas 25pts
27 Boris Giltburg 24pts
28 Ferdinand von Korff 23pts
29 Piotr Raczkowski 22pts
30 Vince Cunningham 21pts
31 Julie Bowden 20pts
32 Mike Morley 19pts
33 Randall Roberts 18pts
34 Chandan Dey 17pts
35 Matt Crabtree 16pts
36 Aisha Jemila Daniels 15pts
37 Darius Sulcius 14pts
38 James Sullivan 13pts
39 Matej Paluh 12pts
40 Thomas Thompson 11pts
41 Mike Hughes 10pts
42 Sigita Playdon 9pts
43 Mark Massey 8pts
44 Ivan Galic 7pts
45 Khant Zaw 6pts
46 Roger Bryan 5pts
47 Derek Rowlands 4pts
48 David Travis 3pts
49 Mick Greaves 2pts
50 Peter Murrell 1pt

The 2016 Leaderboard

In first place we have Bertrand Chombart with 94 points and in joint second place is Penny Halsall and Tomer Elisash, both with 84 points. In fourth place we have David Fletcher, who scores 77 points, and just two points behind him is Ana Caroline de Lima

Position Name Points
1  Bertrand Chombart   94pts
2  Penny Halsall   84pts
2  Tomer Eliash   84pts
4  David Fletcher   77pts
5  Ana Caroline de Lima   75pts
6  James Marsh   61pts
7  George Diagalakis   55pts
8  Russ Barns   53pts
9  Adrian Mills   50pts
9  Kyaw Azw Lay   50pts

This is only the third round of this year’s APOY there are five more to enter and win prizes from Sigma.

APOY 2016