APOY 2014 – Competition Results Round 3 – World in Motion

You sent us some strong images for round 3 of APOY 2014. We
reveal the top 30 for the World in Motion round

Michelle Geoghegan, of Dublin in Ireland, is the winner of
our World in Motion round in APOY 2014. Michelle will receive an Olympus OM-D
E-M10 with a 14-42mm EZ Pancake zoom, a 45mm f/1.8 portrait lens, a 40-150mm
zoom, a 9mm fisheye lens, a macro adapter and a street case in which to carry
it all. That’s a total retail price of £1,200.

The E-M10 has a 16.1-million-pixel, four thirds-sized CMOS sensor
and a TruePic VII image-processing system. The 1.44-million-dot EVF displays a
100% field of view and has a 120fps refresh rate.

The 14-42mm EZ Pancake zoom lens is the most compact pancake
lens and has a maximum shooting magnification equivalent of 0.45x in the 35mm
format. The 45mm f/1.8 portrait optic is ideal for low-light portrait work
without flash. The 40-150mm zoom has high-speed AF and MSC technology, and the
9mm fisheye lens is ideal for capturing wideangle scenes.

Our second-placed winner is Sigita Playdon, from County
Wicklow in Ireland. She will receive an Olympus PEN E-PL5 camera plus a 14-42mm
and 40-150mm twin-lens zoom kit worth £500.

The E-PL5 offers serious 
image quality with its powerful
16.1-million-pixel sensor and a new OM-D component in the TruePic VI image
The camera has lightning-fast autofocus, a touch-sensitive 
screen and full HD video.

 Richard Sheppard, from Malvern in Worcestershire, takes
third place in this round. He wins an Olympus Stylus SP-100EE Ultra Zoom
camera, with an impressive 16-million-pixel sensor and 3in LCD screen.
camera includes 
a handy autofocus lock so you 
need never lose a shot due to

fuzzy focusing. The camera features a 50x optical Ultra Zoom lens with a focal
length ranging from 24mm to 1,200mm, and built-in Dot Sight to make it easier
to focus on subjects.

1st Michelle Geoghegan, Ireland 50pts

Canon EOS 60D, 18-135mm, 1/200sec at f/4, ISO 500, Canon
430EX II flash through white umbrella at half strength

Sometimes there are clear winners of our APOY rounds. On a
technical level, this is, 
of course, a wonderful shot. The use of flash
against the evening sky means that the skater really pops out of the frame.
It’s perfectly timed. This really is one of those shots where everything has

2nd Sigita Playdon
Ireland 49pts

Canon EOS 6D, 17-40mm, 1/1000sec 
at f/11, ISO 500

For sheer amusement, this image 
had to take a place in our
top three. Unfortunately, we don’t know who this woman is or why she decided
this would be a good idea. But why would we want to know? All we need is this
wonderfully observed shot – an image we can return to time and again.

3rd Richard Sheppard, 
Worcestershire 48pts

Canon EOS 40D, 70-200mm, 1/1600sec at f/5.6, ISO 200,
Multiple sequential shots layered in Photoshop

Multiple layered shots are a great way to express movement, but they can
be tricky to get right. However, Richard has pulled it off brilliantly here

Top 50 entries for this round:

  • 1 Michelle Geoghegan 50pts
  • 2 Sigita Playdon 49pts
  • 3 Richard Sheppard 48pts
  • 4 Angela Nelson 47pts
  • 5 Patrick Horgan 46pts
  • 6 Dianne English 45pts
  • 7 Dan Deakin 44pts
  • 8 Kevin Lomax 43pts
  • 9 Paul Emmings 42pts
  • 10 Tony Cooper 41pts
  • 11 Mihail Kopychko 40pts
  • 12 Anthony Reda 39pts
  • 13 Clayton Jane 38pts
  • 14 Andrew Williams 37pts
  • 15 Karolina Pipinska 36pts
  • 16 Thom Corbishley 35pts
  • 17 Aaron Bennett 34pts
  • 18 Phil Smart 33pts
  • 19 Karen Wilkinson 32pts
  • 20 Ivor Levy 31pts
  • 21 Robert Marić 30pts
  • 22 Julian Fraser 29pts
  • 23 Gerard Sexton 28pts
  • 24 Martin Birks 27pts
  • 25 Robert Bentley 26pts
  • 26 Sharon Cuatriz 25pts
  • 27 Lucie Brooke 24pts
  • 28 Pedro Jarque Krebs 23pts
  • 29 Faramarz Zareian 22pts
  • 30 Nuno Alves 21pts
  • 31 Victoria Macdonald 20pts
  • 32 Simon Jenkinson 19pts
  • 33 Mick Davis 18pts
  • 34 Vira Syedova 17pts
  • 35 Brian Holmes 16pts
  • 36 Paul Baggaley 15pts
  • 37 Yvonne Haugen 14pts
  • 38 Tony Gill 13pts
  • 39 Pete Soundy 12pts
  • 40 Dusica Paripovic 11pts
  • 41 Charles Spencer 10pts
  • 42 Josef Hinterleitner 9pts
  • 43 Sean Smith 8pts
  • 44 James Eldridge 7pts
  • 45 John Crongeyer 6pts
  • 46 Morris Conlan 5pts
  • 47 Dave Mallenby 4pts
  • 48 Chris Howe 3pts
  • 49 Matthew Jones 2pts
  • 50 Andy Lukey 1pt
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