APOY 2013 Competition Round Three – The Animal Kingdom

Bruce Jones, of Florida, USA is the winner of our Animal Kingdom round of APOY 2013. For his efforts Bruce will receive a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 plus a Lumix G Vario 100-300mm f/4-5.6 Mega OIS lens worth a total of £1,451.98. The GH3 is a compact system camera with a 16.05-million-pixel, four thirds, Live MOS sensor.

It has a weather-resistant magnesium-alloy body, an extended sensitivity range of ISO 125-25,600 and a 1.744-million-dot EVF. The Lumix G Vario 100-300mm f/4-5.6 Mega OIS incorporates Panasonic’s Mega OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer), which aids shooting in low-light conditions without a tripod by suppressing the blur caused by camera shake.

Our second-placed entrant is Asier Aristregui, of Pamplona in Spain, who will receive a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ62 worth £373.99.

This high-spec compact camera has a 14.1-million-pixel, high-sensitivity MOS sensor, 20x optical zoom Leica DC lens from 24mm ultra-wideangle (24-480mm in 35mm equivalent) and 50p full HD video recording.

Mikhail Kapychka, of Belarus, finished third in the round and wins a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ20 worth £170.99. The LZ20 bridge camera features a powerful 25mm ultra-wideangle 21x optical zoom that covers a range of 25-525mm (35mm equivalent). The LZ20 features a 3in, 460,000-dot LCD plus iA (Intelligent Auto) mode for easy operation.

1st Bruce Jones, Florida 45pts

Olympus E-600, 35mm f/ 3.5 macro, 1/20sec at f/5.6, ISO 400

Wasps’ Judges say: ‘Faced with such a strong round it was difficult for the judges to pick an overall winner. However, Bruce Jones’ image of wasps guarding their nest outside Bruce’s home was a real standout. It’s a genuinly great image.’

2nd Asier Aristregui, Spain 44pts

Canon EOS 550D, 50mm, 1/250sec at f/1.8, ISO 100

‘Stone’s Throw’

Judges say: ‘Asier’s lovely image really grabbed the judges’ attention. The look of anticipation on the dog’s face as she waits for her owner to throw a stone is captivating.’

3rd Mikhail Kapychka, Belarus 43pts

Nikon D60, 200mm, 1/125sec at f/4, ISO 100

‘Cat on a Balcony’

Judges say: ‘This is a great shot from Mikhail. The cat peering round the balcony, watching the people go by on the street below is a playful element that really won the judges over. The use of space on the right really leads the eye.’

Top 50 entries for this round:

  • 1 Bruce Jones 45pts
  • 2 Asier Aristregui 44pts
  • 3 Mikhail Kapychka 43pts
  • 4 Jacqui Jay Grafton 42pts
  • 5 Philip Kirk 41pts
  • 6 Dusica Paripovic 40pts
  • 7 Frederic Vaeremans 39pts
  • 8 Bill McKenzie 38pts
  • 9 Gary Burrows 37pts
  • 10 Andrew Faulk 36pts
  • 11 James Eldridge 35pts
  • 11 Sean Slevin 35pts
  • 13 Alex Harford 34pts
  • 14 Joe Higney 33pts
  • 15 Barbara Gortat 32pts
  • 16 Andrew Mogford 31pts
  • 16 David Gibbon 31pts
  • 18 Neil Davies 30pts
  • 19 David Hall 29pts
  • 20 Adrian Maltby 28pts
  • 21 Jarod Hargreaves 27pts
  • 21 Aaron Yeoman 27pts
  • 21 Inger-Lise Zamata 27pts
  • 24 David Meredith 26pts
  • 25 Neil MacGregor 25pts
    • 26 Nino Cannizzaro 24pts
    • 26 Malcolm Watson 24pts
    • 28 Stuart Meikle 23pts
    • 29 Luis Portelles 22pts
    • 30 George Griffin 21pts
    • 30 Andrew Blake 20pts
    • 30 Carlo Murenu 20pts
    • 30 Bec Wolf 20pts
    • 34 Simona Bonanno 19pts
    • 34 Lorraine Heaysman 19pts
    • 36 Valentina Stoumpou 18pts
    • 37 Andy Fellows 17pts
    • 38 Eugen Brodner 16pts
    • 39 Harry Jenkins 15pts
    • 40 Allan Brown 14pts
    • 40 Phil Croucher 14pts
    • 40 Maryam Faisal 14pts
    • 40 Joel Forte 14pts
    • 44 Antonio Rojas 13pts
    • 45 Alf Bailey 12pts
    • 46 Glenda Bragg 11pts
    • 47 Adrian Sadlier 10pts
    • 47 Alan Tindley 10pts
    • 47 Andy Trowbridge 10pts
    • 47 Bojil Vassilev 10pts

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