APOY 2012 Results Round Two – Natural Light Portraiture

Ryan McDonald, of County Down in Northern Ireland, is the winner of our Natural Light Portraiture round of APOY 2012. Ryan will receive a Samsung NX200
with 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, a Samsung 16mm f/2.4 Ultra Wide pancake lens, a Samsung 60mm f/2.8 macro lens and a 16MB SDHC Plus memory card, worth a total of £1,598.96.

The NX200 is a compact system camera with a 20.3-million- pixel, APS-C CMOS sensor. It has high-speed capture (7fps) and ultra-fast autofocus (100ms), while the ISO range of 100-12,800 lets you take high-speed photos even in low light. Samsung’s 60mm lens is actually a macro model, but with the 1.5x conversion factor of the APS-C sensor, it takes on that magic 90mm focal length, which is perfect for portraiture.

Our second-placed winner is Steve Clayton, of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, who will receive a Samsung WB750 compact camera and a 16MB SDHC Plus memory card, worth a total of £288.98. With its 12.5-million- pixel BSI CMOS sensor, the Samsung WB750 makes it easier than ever to deliver consistent high-quality images. The WB750 also features a 24mm ultra-wide lens with 18x optical zoom.

Louis Little, of Brighton in East Sussex, finished third in the round and wins a £250 Jessops Gift Card

1st Ryan McDonald, County Down 41pt
Nikon D300, 50mm, 1/125sec at f/4, ISO 400

 Girl with red hair

Judges say: ‘We were blown away by this image – it is a beautiful photograph. The autumn leaves complement the colour of the girl’s hair beautifully and her expression is wonderfully natural. A well-deserved winner.’



2nd Steve Clayton, Buckinghamshire 40pts
Canon EOS 40D, 17-40mm, 1/640sec at f/6.3, ISO 800

 ‘On a Day Trip’

Judges say: ‘This image of Steve’s daughter looking out of a train window has a certain charm. The skilful use of light and shade adds to its sense of timelessness.’

3rd Louis Little, East Sussex 39pts
Bronica SQ-Ai, 1/125sec at f/2.8

Girl with pensive expression

Judges say: ‘We loved the use of light in this image. The light subtly illuminates the side of the girl’s face, drawing attention to her thoughtful expression. This is an absorbing image that becomes increasingly moving the more you look at it.’

Top 50 entries for this round

  • 1 Ryan McDonald 41pts
  • 2 Louis Little 40pts
  • 3 Alina Timoshchenko 39pts
  • 4 Steve Clayton
  • 4 John Chesham 38pts
  • 4 Matthew Dowd
  • 4 James Lucas 38pts
  • 4 Ashish Patil 38pts
  • 4 Martin Williams 38pts
  • 10 Chris Bestwick
  • 10 Peter Eason 37pts
  • 10 Emily Humphries
  • 10 Michael Marsh 37pts
  • 10 Jonathan Riley
  • 10 Sadie Osborne 37pts
  • 10 Ludovic Robert
  • 17 Joana Pinto Coelho 36pts
  • 17 Anastasiya
    Kolomoytseva 36pts
  • 17 Lee Nankervis 36pts
  • 17 keith
    Swinnerton 36pts
  • 17 Peter Warrington 36pts
  • 22 Dan
    Deakin 35pts
  • 22 George Fisk 35pts
  • 22 Ben Ghibaldan
  • 22 Kris Oddy 35pts
  • 26 Gareth Mallon
  • 26 Robert Ryder 34pts
  • 26 Jo Taylor Jones
  • 26 Alamsyah Rauf 34pts
  • 26 Grace Sow
  • 31 Gerry Boyle 33pts
  • 31 Mick Davis
  • 31 Alex Pink 33pts
  • 31 Paul Reynolds
  • 31 Michal Tercjak 33pts
  • 36 Duarte Bruno
  • 36 Eftal Ezgin 32pts
  • 36 Tony Littlejohns
  • 36 Joe Tully 32pts
  • 36 Qinfa Ye 32pts
  • 41 Gary Neville 30pts
  • 42 Alan Johnson
  • 42 Donna Lane-Higgins 27pts
  • 42 Aaron Miller
  • 42 Károly Pató 27pts
  • 46 Anthony Beck
  • 46 David Cooper 25pts
  • 46 Tom Ferrie
  • 49 Eoghan Murray 24pts
  • 50 Fenris Oswin

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