It’s that time of year again, as the AP Awards 2024 are announced! Here we share the winner of our Creator of the Year award, in association with Fujifilm.

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Social media is, today, used by around 4.95 billion people. That’s 61.4% of the global population. Not only are people consuming photos and videos at an alarming rate, but the variety of different platforms have also given rise to creators of all kinds of content. According to Adobe the number of content creators globally has increased by 165 million since Covid and 8 million of those are in the UK.

In a world over-saturated with content, it takes something special to stand out, and this award recognises those creators who are winning on social media. This year we invited anyone creating video content about photography on any social platform to enter.

The winner of this year’s Content Creator of the Year award is Oliver Prout, a YouTuber from Kent who has made some outstanding videos about a range of photographic subjects for his YouTube channel, Olitography.

5x4 film camera scan mermaid underwater photography shoot
Image: Oliver Prout

Oliver is the son of a photographer and an art director and photography was an important part of his life from childhood. He began his working life as a photographic assistant and observed the working methods of photographers including Bailey and Rankin at first hand. He was given his first professional commissions at the age of 18 and went on to study television production at Ravensbourne College.

Since then, he has shot photography for magazines, production companies and brands including the BBC, the National Theatre, Timberland and Nike. He also shoots music videos and short films for labels such as Warner, Virgin, EMI and Atlantic.

His Olitography videos have covered a wide selection of interesting topics, including double exposures on cyanotypes, black and white film portraits on location, drone tests and even a fantasy mermaid shoot. His videos are original, engaging, informative, and beautifully cinematic.

Watch Oliver’s videos on his channel, Olitography.

Find out more about Oliver’s work on

oliver rpout receives the reator of the year award at the 2024 ap Awards
Youtuber Oliver Prout receives the Creator of the Year award at the AP Awards 2024. Image: Isabella Ruffatti
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