Filmmaking apps have come a long way since the first feature film was shot on a mobile phone with SMS Sugar Man in 2008

The Video Mode has scoured the App Store to find the eight best filmmaking apps to make your smartphone all you need when filming on the go.

The smartphone filmmaking industry has been booming in recent years with film festivals dedicated to the art and the success story of Tangerine, a film made entirely on an iPhone, featuring at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

With the majority of us owning the tools we need to produce this kind of filmmaking in our pockets, all it takes is a nudge in the right direction.

Even if you’re not using your smartphone to film, there are also a bunch of apps to make your life much easier on set.

Best filmmaking apps: Before the shoot

Celtx shots

Price: Free
Platform: Android/iPhone

This app allows you to create multiple storyboards, camera blocking and lighting set-ups on your smartphone. Available on Android and iPhones for free, this useful gadget offers a platform to help plan your shoot with ease.

Shot Designer

Price: Free
Platform: Android/iPhone

Shot Designer is a forward-thinking videographer’s dream, allowing you to build floor plans, lighting designs and production drawings. You can upgrade to pro for £19.99 to export, save and print the scenes you create.

Best filmmaking apps: During the shoot

DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit


Platform: iPhone
This app has seven features geared to help DSLR filmmakers on shoots. The tools include a view finder to simulate framing of the camera, a shot log to keep track of data for each shot and daylight hours to help you plan your timings so you can’t caught out in the dark.


Green Screener

Price: £9.99
Platform: iPhone/Android

If you’re using a green screen in your shoot, this app is a must. It splits your green screen into bands so you can see how even it is, so you don’t get any discrepancies in post-production. This app is a great help, saving you time and money when editing your shots.

FiLMiC Pro

Price: £14.99
Platform: iPhone/Android

Used by the filmmakers of Tangerine, this app is widely regarded as one of the best out there for videographers. It allows users to lock exposure, focus and white balance when filming giving you a lot more control over your shots.

Best filmmaking apps: Special Effects

FX Guru

Price: Free
Platform: iPhone/Android

FX Guru allows you to add in pre-made special effects to your videos. Whether you’re looking for ghosts and zombies or tornadoes and earthquakes, this app has plenty of options to make your video that bit more fun and exciting. Don’t expect it to match the level of Game of Thrones special effects though.


Adobe Premiere Clip

Price: Free
Platform: iPhone/Android

This app gives you the best bits of Adobe editing software to edit videos on your smartphone. Once you have the basic edit together, you can send it over to Premiere Pro CC on your desktop to refine your on-the-go masterpiece.


Price: Free
Platform: iPhone

Similar to other editing apps, the streamlined version of the iMovie allows you to create and edit content on the go before uploading to YouTube or Facebook. A great tool for any budding YouTuber stars who are working on a tight budget. Unfortunately, being built for iOS it’s not available on Android but there are plenty of alternatives.

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading and get shooting.

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