This rare collection from the 50s and 60s is on sale for the first time as limited edition, fine art prints.

Fake fur fashion feature by Helmut Newton

Fake fur fashion feature by Helmut Newton

The collection is a combination of portraits and on-set photography from celebrities in music, entertainment, and sports exclusively from TV Times.

Comprising of contact sheets and negatives, TV Times was the only ITV listing title with access at the time so these photographs can not be found anywhere else.

The original negatives feature unseen images of celebrities including, Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, Liza Minnelli, Diana Rigg and The Beatles. There are also pictures taken by photographer Helmut Newton.

The photographs can be seen alongside their contact sheets, negatives and how they were originally published, making this collection incredibly unique.

TV Times had exclusive access to these personalities and performances and these images can’t be found anywhere else.

The photos are more than just an exclusive set of previously hidden photographs, but the sets of contact sheets give a glimpse into the celebrities behind the scenes.

Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters

These photographs represent one of the most exciting periods of British entertainment and have been curated and printed to the highest quality along with partners Metro Imaging.

A hand picked selection of the best photographs have been scanned and printed under company director Steve Macleod at Metro Imaging.

The authenticity and original quality of the photos have been preserved and reproduced to a fine art standard.

The limited edition black and white fibre photographic prints will be on display in a pop up exhibition at the Blue Fin Building in London on Friday 22nd May and full pricing information can be found here.

The full collection can be viewed here.