A curated collection of illustrations from some of the most iconic British comic book series is now for sale as limited edition, high quality prints.

Lion 16/5/70 Air Action with Paddy Payne.

Lion 16/5/70 Air Action with Paddy Payne.

Drawn INK is a collection of 100 years of the best comics and illustration pieces from the Time Inc UK archives. This includes well-known titles: Lion, Valiant, Tiger, Champion, Knockout and many more.

The prints feature a mixture of superheroes, war scenes, cars, space and characters that hold an important place in the heart of generations of readers.

The most prominent illustrations and comics have been chosen from an archive of thousands of images spanning 100 years of publishing.

To preserve the detail of these fine art prints and make sure they are of the highest quality possible, Time Inc has partnered with London’s premier imaging company Metro Imaging.

Metro Imaging has been at the forefront of imaging technology and production with over 35 years of experience and has been able to reprint these comics to a fine arts standard.

The comic covers represent the greatest images of the genre and through enhancement and utilizing the latest scanning and printing technologies this is the first time they have ever been available for purchase.

Boy's Friend Library 98. Let 'em All Come, A powerful tale of the turf. Horse racing jockey.

Boy’s Friend Library 98. Let ’em All Come, A powerful tale of the turf. Horse racing jockey.

The prints are not only a part of a unique British cultural legacy, but were a huge inspiration for artists in the 1950’s, including Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi.

These comics became an inspiration for great artists and helped inspire the development of ‘Pop Art’ style.

The authenticity and quality of the original illustrations have been preserved beautifully and have been printed on superior Giclee paper.  

Limited editions of a selection of prints can be seen as part of an exhibition in the Blue Fin Building in London on Friday 22nd May, as well as available for purchase online.

Twenty-five limited edition prints are available for purchase along with limited edition box sets of all of the prints featured here.

Details of available sizes and costs can be found here.