So, now you’re ready to get out and start shooting landscapes, here are some handy accessories to consider when heading out for a day’s landscape photography…

Garmin handheld GPSGarmin Handheld GPS

Use technology to get you to your location and back again quickly and easily. These Garmin devices not only offer full OS mapping, but also sunrise and sunset times.

ND grad filtersND Grad Filters

An ND grad filter (graduated Neutral Density filter) can completely transform your landscape shots.

It gives you a more even tonal range to preserve both foreground and sky detail.

Lowepro Pro RunnerLowepro Pro Runner

A full camera kit can get heavy, so the easiest way to transport it is on your back.

A camera backpack allows you to distribute the weight effectively across your shoulders.

Hama remote releaseHama Remote Release

For slow exposures you’ll need to keep your camera completely still, and even pressing the shutter could reduce sharpness. A remote release allows you to keep your hands clear of the camera.

Hunter welliesHunter Wellies

Though walking boots are usually the preferred choice for mountainous shots.

However, a good pair of Wellington boots, such as these Hunter wellies, will keep your feet warm and dry all day long, wherever you end up shooting and whatever the weather.

MANFROTTO-190MF3Manfrotto 190Pro Tripod

A sturdy tripod is as essential as the camera itself for good landscape photography.

This is a great entry-level model that’s light and sturdy enough for general use.

Microfibre Towel

Rainfall or coastal locations can cause water to collect on your camera. A microfibre towel quickly absorbs the water and is even soft enough for use on lenses.

Other Essential Kit


Always carry a map of the local area (and compass) with you, even if just as a back up, should you get lost.

Spirit Level

Wonky horizons can ruin even the best of pictures, so a spirit level (that can be hotshoe-mounted, or built into the camera or tripod) can easily save the day.