Camera Spider Holster – Spider Pro


Spider Pro

Durable, comfortable and secure, the Spider Pro is among the most highly regarded holsters for professional photographers.

It’s available in both a single-camera and a dual-camera system, and you’d be surprised how much more comfortable and natural it feels to have your camera(s) at your waist. The system keeps the lenses pointing backwards, meaning even if you’re using a longer telephoto you can squat, crouch and manoeuvre yourself into different shooting positions without damaging your gear. The build quality is superb and we vouch for how comfortable it is around the waist even when it’s used to carry a heavy camera system. Best of all, the holster features a locking catch so after you’ve secured the camera to your waist you’re safe in knowing that your expensive kit can’t be removed without using the release catch.

The single system costs $135, while the double costs $235. As a wedding photographer, you’re almost certainly going to be able to find use for the double, so don’t be afraid to spend a little more. Visit

BlackRapid Dual Camera Harness (DR-1)



Spreading the weight evenly across the user’s shoulders, the BlackRapid Double allows for easy carrying of two hefty bodies at once.

The cameras hang at waist-height under the user’s arms, though the length of the straps can be adjusted if necessary. The cameras attach to the harness via the hotshoe and you can rest assured knowing it’s a very safe and secure means of attachment.

A DR-2 Slim version is also available, designed for people with slimmer bodies and smaller builds.

Both are available for $134.95. Visit

Hold Fast Money Maker


Hold Fast

For a premium feel and stylish look, you can’t get better than Hold Fast’s Money Maker, a high-grade leather system featuring a well-engineered slide system that allows for quick draws.

If you really need some backups for your backups, you can even attach two Hold Fast Camera Leashes to attach a third smaller camera body (pictured above), ensuring you’ll never be caught shorthanded.

The straps are available in a range of sizes and leather finishes, including Chestnut Bridle, Tan Bridle, Water Buffalo, American Bison and (apprently) Genuine Python.

Prices vary depending on size and finish, but you can expect to pay at least $200. Visit

Sun-Sniper DPH – Double Plus Harness



Another harness offering access for up to three bodies, the Sun-Sniper DPH Double-Plus is recommended by the manufacturer for supporting two large pro-sized DSLRs and a smaller body such as a light CSC.

Reinforced with steel wire, the Double-Plus is very secure. It mounts the larger bodies via the tripod bush, and the smaller third body via the eyelets.

The DPH Double-Plus is availabe for €139. Visit

OP/TECH Pro Strap



If you think all these multi-camera rigs and harnesses might be a little excessive, try something simpler like the OP/TECH Pro Strap that’s extremely soft and provides excellent comfort.

A straightforward, effective neck-mounted camera harness that distributes weight evenly across the neck and shoulders, the Pro Strap is available in a variety of colours and can easily support the weight of professional DSLRs.

At a price of $21.95, it’s a much cheaper solution for the photographer whose needs are simpler. Visit

BlackRapid Yeti Sling

blackrapid yeti


If you like the feel and convenience of a sling but need the flexibility of multiple bodies then the BlackRapid Yeti is the answer, a one-sling solution for carrying multiple cameras.

Like the DR-1 camera harness above, it’s also available in a slimmer version for more lightly built photographers.

The BlackRapid Yeti strap is available for $99.95. Visit

Cotton Carrier Camera System


Cotton Carrier

Cotton Carrier’s all-in-one system holster is designed to house multiple camera bodies and lenses with battery grips and anything else you might find yourself needing.

Vests are available to hold one camera or two, and there are also various acessories you can add on to customise your system, such as camera belts, hand straps and tethers.

The two-camera vest system is priced around $189. Visit