Forget Dunroamin’ or Bide-a-Wee or Rose Cottage, one Indian photographer loves photography so much, he’s named his house after… Sony. If that nutty nomenclature wasn’t odd enough, the photographer, Ravi Hongal, a 49 year old professional from the city of Belgaum in south west India, has also named his three sons Canon, Nikon and Epson.

“Ravi was fascinated by the camera since his childhood and he did not study much but believed he can do something with the camera,” reported a local website, All About Belgaum. “In his early days, he used to go outdoors into rural areas and click images with the then Pentax and Zenit cameras. As business picked up he opened a studio and named it on (sic) his wife Rani.”

Hongal reportedly spent over nearly £75,000 on building his uniquely digital camera-themed des res, which boasts a lens, flash, film reels, memory card and viewfinder on its facade. The inner rooms have a camera theme as well. Enjoy the YouTube video about this bonkers, but entirely laudable, project here.