Wildlife photography tours have never been so popular, and for good reason: you get to experience some amazing places and learn new skills with like-minded people. If you love animals and the natural world these five great wildlife photography tours are sure to please.

Photographers on Safari

Here at Photographers on Safari we recognise that that the holidays we provide are very special holidays. For most people they are not just an ‘annual jolly’. They are a holiday that may have taken a long time to save for. An unbelievable amount of time goes into researching and planning these holidays, in order to ensure that your ‘holiday of a  lifetime’ will be all you expect and more.           

A truly memorable experience. We will not send you off as part of a package tour, and you will be accompanied throughout your holiday. We will also have the services of an English-speaking guide. Our tours have been created by photographers, designed to be action packed, and to give you maximum and varied photo opportunities. Safety is always paramount to Photographers on Safari. We will, however, do our utmost to get you even closer to your subjects on all our overseas tours. Cuddle a panda in China, stroke a whale in Mexico and smell the breath of a lion in Africa – these experiences are all possible with Photographers on Safari. This is wildlife photography at its best.

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Natures Images

Natures Images is the UK’s leading wildlife photographic holiday and workshop company, offering exciting destinations around the world for photographers of all abilities. From pelicans and penguins, to majestic bears, lions and bison, we have a range of amazing trips and workshops to suit all interests. Our trip leaders are widely published professional photographers, many of whom have been awarded in major wildlife photography competitions, as well as contributing to publications on areas ranging from photographic techniques to wildlife conservation.With Natures Images you will experience the best wildlife encounters in the best possible settings, and with our expert tuition you will be rewarded with great images and a memorable experience. Where will your photography take you next?

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Ethical Photo Tours India

Ethical Photo Tours India run travel & wildlife photography tours across India at affordable rates, for photography enthusiasts. Our tours are designed around being in the best locations for sunrise and sunset and cover a multitude of photography genres, from vibrant street photography, environmental portraiture, historical architecture, arid to lush landscapes and a plethora of wildlife reserves, offering the opportunity of capturing the mighty Bengal tiger, the diminutive Asian leopard, Asia’s last remaining lions (Gujarat only), one horned rhinoceros (Assam), elephants, monkeys, deer, as well as a large population of migratory birds. Although the majority of our tours include safari days, the best time for wildlife photography is during the hottest months, when wildlife venture out to seek water more frequently, so we are planning a wildlife specific tour in the summer of 2018. To be kept updated about this tour, visit our website and subscribe to our mailing list.   

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Join NaturesLens to witness the raw power and natural elegance of the stallions and horses of the Camargue. Over the course of five days, we will arrange seven photography sessions with these stunning horses and their gardians, the men on horseback who watch over them, and who have inhabited the wetlands for generations. You will photograph the iconic white horses, alone and in groups, as they posture, trot and gallop through the marshes, surf and lakes, their grace and elegance reflected back through the surface of the water. Our trip also includes a unique opportunity to add something rather special and unusual to your portfolio: an afternoon session of portrait photography of both the white stallion and a black stallion, against a clean, moody backdrop, using both lighting and natural daylight, making for dramatic close-up shots. Accommodation is a 3-star hotel on a bed & breakfast basis for four nights. In-trip transportation is included in the cost.

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Travel Butlers

Travel Butlers are specialists in photographic safaris to Southern & East Africa, and our team of friendly experts have been helping photographers of all abilities and interests capture amazing pictures since 2003. We understand that the keen photographer will be looking for something a little different from the norm, and we can organise private drivers, wildlife photography courses or just ensure you go to the best possible places to get the experiences and pictures you are looking for. The photo above was taken by a member of the Travel Butlers team on safari in South Africa. The photographer is not particularly skilful (sorry, Paul…) and the camera was only a bridge camera – he probably got lucky and stumbled on the right settings for once!

Now imagine what a keen photographer with a decent camera might have captured. Ask us to help you plan and book your perfect photographic safari. ATOL Protected.

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