There has been a bumper crop of entries for this year’s Weather Photographer of the Year contest, according to organisers the Royal Meteorological Society and AccuWeather. “This year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, participants can submit pictures regardless of when they were taken, offering an opportunity for award-worthy pictures in entrants’ archives to be considered,” the organisers explained. “Entrants are reminded to observe social distancing guidelines for their respective geographic locations”

Rainbow in Lockdown Street by Ollie Bevan-Thomas

The Young Weather Photographer of the Year category, for photographers 17 and under has attracted some 330 entries.

The organisers have also provided some tips for people yet to enter, or who intend to enter next year.
* Use a tripod for rain photography. Consider getting a large umbrella too and tie it to the tripod with a cable tie.
* Raindrops are also best captured when backlit and consider discovering reflections in bodies of water or puddles.
* Leave lenses extended when shooting in rainy conditions.
* When shooting in foggy conditions, make sure to capitalise on using silhouettes or ensure the subject and focal point are close to the camera.
* A longer exposure can also add more depth in a photo when shooting in the fog.
* Pay attention to the time of day as many incredible shots are taken while light streams through trees or clouds.
* Use an app, such as AccuWeather app on iOS or Android to work out what the weather will be doing, when.

Last year’s winner by Gareth Mon Jones

Entries for the competition close on Monday, July 6. On Friday, August 21 a shortlist of entrants will be announced in tandem with a public voting period through to September 25. The winner will be announced in the autumn. For more information and to enter the competition, see here.