The RevoRing is essentially a lightweight, variably sized stepping ring made from aluminium, which uses a clever spring-loaded attachment mechanism, almost like an iris. The smaller RevoRing supports lenses with filter threads ranging from 46mm to 62mm, while the larger model supports lenses with filter threads ranging from 67mm to 82mm

“It’s always been a pain to invest in separate filters that fit all your lenses,” explains spokesperson, Paul Genge. “More often than not you end up buying a large filter and then lots of stepping rings so you can fit it onto different lenses. But you always seem to have the wrong stepping rings with you, or they get jammed, so the RevoRing is extremely useful,” he continues. “There is also the potential to do a bigger one again for cinema lenses.”

In addition, H&Y has announced a RevoRing with a built-in variable ND filter and circular polarising filter. The Variable ND filter’s range is equivalent to 1.5-10EV, so it is useful for long exposures or recording video at wide apertures. “You get one filter which does circular polariser and ND functions, and it fits on lots of different lens dimensions,” Genge adds.

The campaign ends on August 8th and you can find out full details about the products and the early adopter offers here.