The launch of new, improved and cheaper enthusiast-level DSLRs is forcing down the price of seemingly overpriced used cameras by up to 30%, according to a Japanese press report.

Trade publication Pen News Weekly reports that a doubling of consumers trading-in new DSLRs has led to an increase in dealers? stocks of used models.

?Rapidly increasing supply forced dealers to reduce the price by as much as 20-30%, stripping profits,? reports Pen.

The article, published earlier this month, is based on comments made by an unnamed industry source at a meeting organised by the Tokyo Photo Dealers Association.

Pen asserts that the problem affects digital models more so than it did film-based SLRs because newer models are ?without exception? cheaper ? and with ?better features? ? than the cameras they replace.

Picture:The Japanese article cites the Canon EOS 30D as one example of a used DSLR which has seen stock levels rise as a result of newer models entering the market – in this case the EOS 40D