Dmitry Markov_portfolioitem_31860[Photo credit: © Dmitry Markov]

The three photographers are: Ismail Ferdous Adriana Zehbrauskas and Dmitry Markov, both from Russia; and Adriana Zehbrauskas from Brazil.

Adriana Zehbrauskas_portfolioitem_32020.web[Photo credit: © Adriana Zehbrauskas]

Ismail Ferdous_portfolioitem_34027.web[Photo credit:©  Ismail Ferdous]

Ferdous and Zehbrauskas are both documentary photographers, while Markov works as a volunteer for multiple children’s charities and hopes to highlight the plight of orphans.

The winners also receive mentorship from an award-winning Getty Images photojournalist.

Amanda Kelso, director of Community at Instagram, said: ‘Every day people come to Instagram to be transported, to be inspired, and to learn something new about the world around them.

‘Ismail, Adriana and Dmitry are master visual storytellers whose work on Instagram shines a powerful spotlight on causes in need of champions.’

Elodie Mailliet Storm, Getty Images’ senior director of Content Partnerships, added: ‘Getty Images believes in the power of imagery as a catalyst for social change.

‘Our three recipients could not better exemplify the original aim of this grant: to document and share stories of underrepresented communities that otherwise rarely come into focus.

‘We are honoured to award these grants and hope they will encourage talent to continue to tell important stories through new platforms.’

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