Nikon D5100Nikon and Sony camera retailers have reportedly raised prices in Japan as manufacturers face a production shortfall in the aftermath of the floods in Thailand.

The price of Nikon?s D3100 DSLR double-zoom lens kit has risen 19%, to 55,100 yen (around £450), from its price a month ago, according to Japanese industry newsletter Pen, quoting figures from, a price comparison website.

The D5100, meanwhile, has shot up 15% since early October and now costs the sterling equivalent of more than £680.

Sony?s NEX-5N costs 11% more than last month, retailing at 87,800 yen (£715).

Japanese retailers are reportedly becoming ?increasingly concerned about falling inventories, and prices could continue to rise?, adds Pen which reports that stores may run short of some models towards the end of the year.

Asked to comment on the report a spokesperson for Sony UK said: ?There is no official statement as retailers are free to set their own prices.?

Nikon declined to comment.