Tenba has announced two special edition versions of the DNA 8 and DNA 15 (Slim) messenger bags for the occasion. All pictures Tenba

Camera bag manufacturer Tenba has added two new bags to its line-up to celebrate its 40th Anniversary.

Special edition versions of the DNA 8 and DNA 15 (Slim) messenger bags have been announced for mirrorless and DSLR photographers.

Key features include enhanced weather protection and upgraded magnetic clips for speed and ease of use.

The interior of the bags has been updated in Tenba’s signature blue to add some colour to the dark bags

The Messenger DNA 8 is designed for mirrorless camera owners with capacity to carry two to three lenses and a tablet.

The slim Messenger DNA 15 on the other hand is aimed at both mirrorless and DSLR cameras owners with space for the body, 4-6 lenses and a 15-inch laptop all provided.

One of the main focuses of these updated editions is the improvements for weather protection in Tenba’s redesign of the bags, with water repellent fabric and reinforced stitching.

The zip detailing on the messenger bags is given a carbon fibre look

Another unique feature is the introduction of magnetic clips, which are designed to try and allow the bags to be opened and closed with one hand.

The bags are available now from selected retailers. The Messenger DNA 8 will be priced at £80 and the Messenger DNA 15 Slim at £120. Visit the website to learn more.

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