Entering a top photography competition is a great way to get your talent recognised, and top monitor maker, ViewSonic, recently announced the winners of its fourth annual ColorPro awards at a packed event in central London.

‘The winners have brilliantly captured the theme of ‘RISE,’ bringing forth diverse stories of personal growth and resilience from around the world,” said Oscar Lin, General Manager of the Monitor Business Unit at ViewSonic. ”These artworks provide a source of inspiration for us to rise above challenges, embrace transformation, and pursue positive change.”

For this latest ColorPro awards, many finalists drew inspiration from nature for their stills and video, using it to symbolise growth and resilience in harmony with the overarching ‘RISE’ theme. As well as using natural environments and landscapes to express their unique perspective on what it means to rise, the finalists earned the judges’ admiration for their adept portrayal of authentic human moments, demonstrating a strong ability to evoke emotions through powerful storytelling.

ViewSonic ColorPro Awards: top 10 winners, Photography Category

ViewSonic ColorPro awards, first place

The first prize went to a Turkish photographer, Meriç Aktar for a spectacular and evocative image called The Return of the Buffalo Shepherd. It shows the shepherd in the Hürmetçi Grasslands of Kayseri province heading back home with his herd, which consists of about 500 animals.

As the image shows, the shepherd sometimes rears up his horse to encourage the buffaloes to cross a creek, with his dog also helping to encourage stragglers.

ViewSonic ColorPro awards, second place

Second prize went to Jonas Hafner from Germany, with a very evocative portrait called, aptly enough, Rise. It shows a model lying in a field of plants, which serves as a symbol of transformation. Just as plants flourish in the face of obstacles, human beings also navigate life’s challenges, emerging stronger and wiser.

The image invites viewers to contemplate the resilient spirit that blossoms amid adversity, echoing the universal journey of personal growth.

ViewSonic ColorPro awards, third prize

Third prize went to Caro Boy, by the Bulgarian photographer, Svetlin Yosifov. The Karo tribe live southeast of the Omo River in Ethiopia, and with a population just exceeding 1,000, their survival is intricately tied to agriculture and the natural floods of the river.

Their resilience, captured in this image, shows humanity’s extraordinary capacity to rise above adversity and overcome challenges.

ViewSonic ColorPro awards, fourth prize

The Rise of Victory by Tran Tuan Viet, Vietnam
Teammates lift a star player high above their heads amidst the mud of the Van Village mud ball-wrestling festival in Bac Giang province. The theme of ‘Rise’ resonates deeply in this context. It signifies not only the physical elevation of the triumphant wrestler but also the collective rise of the team’s spirits, their shared joy, and their mutual support for one another.

This winning image symbolises the strength of unity and the capacity of individuals to overcome obstacles when they work together toward a common objective.

VIewSonic ColorPro awards fifth prize

Alien Throne by Marcin Zajac, Poland
An otherworldly rock spire (also known as a hoodoo) rises out of the ‘Badlands’ of the Northern Great Plains of the USA, forming a perfect foreground to the Milky Way above. The surrounding area has eroded over thousands of years, leaving this strange formation as a testament to resilience in the face of the forces of nature.

ViewSonic ColorPro awards sixth prize

Snowy Games by Kavan Chay, New Zealand
The Brewster Hut route in New Zealand is definitely not for the unprepared, involving a relatively intense climb up with a river crossing right at the beginning. ‘This was one of my first proper solo hikes,’ Kavan recalls.

‘The area is often hit by nasty weather that makes the climb up a dangerous affair and astrophotography impossible, so the brief clear night I had was a rare opportunity to try and create something after months of patience and meticulous planning.

Overall, I think this experience definitely helped me elevate my photography to a new level. It felt like my years of effort to reach this level had been rewarded and I feel like my attitude towards photography has been forever changed as a result of that.’

ViewSonic ColorPro awards seventh prize

Flying Birds by Sabadell Laurent, France
‘This photograph takes us above the clouds, giving us the feeling of flying amongst these majestic birds,’ says the photographer.

ViewSonic ColorPro awards eighth awards

Skilling for the Future by Antonio Aragon Renuncio, Spain
‘This photograph illustrates the children’s desire to rise every day, striving to improve themselves for a better future, despite the strong adversities they face,’ says the photographer.

ViewSonic ColorPro awards ninth place

Emergence by Marie-Christine Huot, Canada
‘We explored this ice cave in the heart of the Canadian Rockies,’ recounts Marie-Christine. ‘Once inside, a completely different world opened to us; a sense of achievement and humility in the face of this marvel of nature overwhelmed us. We emerged from the cave into the outside world with a feeling of renewal.’

ViewSonic ColorPro awards, tenth place

Last Hymn of a Warrior by Pramit Karmakar, India
This image illustrates the journey of every life that ascends, highlighting that not all achieve their intended destination. Despite falling short of their goal, the presence of the radiant light symbolises the continuation of their existence in the afterlife, where their souls will be reborn in their next life.

ViewSonic ColorPro Awards: top three winners, Video Category

Rise, by Lucy Galliford, United Kingdom

‘My film is a visual expression of my passion – I stripped my soul of the ‘why’ and poured it into this. I didn’t have the budget to go to any extravagant locations; I just wanted to stick to my roots and tell my story to the world, showcasing how I rise to the challenge of fulfilling my dreams.’

Jordan – Collect memories, not things by Maor Benezri, Israel

‘For my 25th birthday, my friend took us on a trip to Jordan. She decided that she didn’t want to buy me anything physical, but that she wanted us to go on an experience that we would remember together. The entire video is the result of collecting experiences, not possessions, and believing in the connection between people more than in material gifts.’

Why I Travel The World Alone by Bashir Abu Shakra, Germany

‘This depicts a four-year-long solo journey around the world. It represents the theme of ‘Rise’ through challenging hikes, climbing mountaintops, making personal sacrifices, and the evolution of a childhood dream of becoming an astronaut to explore Earth from above.

Though unfulfilled, this dream paved the way for a new passion: exploring the world’s heights with a drone. It portrays personal growth and self-discovery and showcases the idea that even when one dream doesn’t come true, there are opportunities to find new passions and rise to new heights in unexpected ways.’

See here for the full list of stills and video winners.

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