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Tired of running out of battery power on a shoot? Check out this new portable power unit from Bluetti – it’s eco-friendly too

While digital photography has brought myriad benefits, today’s high-performance mirrorless cameras and lighting units can put a big strain on batteries – and nothing is more frustrating than running out of power on a shoot, especially if you are long way from the charger at your home or hotel. So why not take a portable power supply with you on a shoot?

Bluetti portable power unit

Bluetti, one of the leading green energy companies in the world, offers a range of innovative portable charging units, and the latest model, the EB3A (shown above), can also be charged by solar power. Weighing a relatively light 4.5kg, about the same as a spare DSLR and longer lens, the unit can be easily carried around by you or a colleague, so it’s a particularly good option for nature, landscape and travel photographers out in the wilds.

The company’s latest Turbo charging technology means the EB3A can be charged from flat up to 80% in only 30 minutes, by AC and solar power simultaneously. Lithium ion phosphate is used for the battery cells, which provides more than 2.500,00  life cycles; this also means better performance while reducing the environmental impact. A 600W/1200W (Surge) Inverter ensures fast recharge, too.

The EB3A is easily connected to a vast range of photographic equipment. As well as a 600 Watt AC output, there is a 100 Watt USB-C port, 2 x 15 watt USB-A ports, a 12V10A cigarette lighter connection and a wireless charging pad.

A Battery Management System (BMS) monitors everything happening in the EB3A, protecting it from risks like short circuiting, overloading or overheating.

Bluetti portable power charger

Here comes the sun
We mentioned solar power earlier, and if you upgrade the EB3A with a Bluetti PV120 or PV200 solar panel you can fully recharge the unit in two hours. This will be a godsend to landscape, wildlife and travel photographers who find themselves in isolated spots, enabling you to take more images for longer without constantly having to check available battery life, or taking along extra batteries (which can easily get lost).

Bluetti portable power charger

Another benefit of this system is the Bluetti app (iOS and Android) which keeps an eye on available power while providing other essential information too.

Even if you don’t intend to take the unit out with you that often, it works well as a back-up power supply for your home or studio. Although it can’t power ‘high drain’ appliances like ovens or freezers, the EB3A will hold enough juice to keep your camera and lights running, as well as your phone, light and fridge, until the power comes back on.

Bluetti portable power charger

Early bird discounts
Order before September 30th and you can take advantage of some great savings.
* The core EB3A unit is available from £299, a 26% discount from the original price.
* The EB3A and PV120 Solar Panel is available from £629, a discount of 11%
*The EB3A and PV200 Solar Panel, meanwhile, can be yours from £799, a saving of 13%.

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