OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[Photo credit: © C Cheesman]

Speaking exclusively to Amateur Photographer (AP) magazine, Harris – who plays Miss Moneypenny in Spectre – said she was particularly impressed with the slow-motion feature on the RX100 IV.

‘It’s cool,’ she told AP at a Sony’s ‘Made for Bond’ launch party at the Mondrian Hotel on London’s South Bank.

As we reported last month, the RX100 IV – a digital compact – features in a TV advert that sees Miss Moneypenny embark on a daring mission to retrieve 007’s smartphone, said to be a Sony Xperia Z5 in new movie Spectre.

The advert showcases the camera’s slow-motion capabilities as Miss Moneypenny tracks the suitcase containing the phone.

The Sony RX100 IV boasts super-slow motion of up to 40x – a feature that, in the past, was primarily reserved for professional cameras.

The RX100 IV features an extremely high frame rate of 960fps to produce ‘super-slow motion of momentary movements invisible to human eyes’, according to the Sony website.

‘This feature has various settings to suit active subjects, so you can make pro-style movies of a “hidden” universe of movement all around you.’

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