Sony has confirmed the production of a new 12.47-million-pixel APS-C size CMOS imaging sensor for use in digital SLR cameras.

However, a Sony UK spokesman declined to confirm one way or the other whether the sensor is destined to be built into one of the two Sony digital SLRs expected to be announced soon.

Prototype pictures of the upcoming cameras indicate that Sony has a full-frame sensor in mind for the ?flagship? model. It is therefore possible that the enthusiast model will house the new 12MP APS-C-size sensor.

The sensor, called the IMX021, was revealed in a statement issued by Sony Corporation in Japan yesterday.

?Sony will position IMX021 as a key device capable of generating new added value in the high-growth digital SLR camera market, actively promoting its use within Sony and externally,? according to the statement.

One of the cameras is expected to be launched this autumm and the other before 31 March 2008.

We are expecting the consumer model to be launched first.

The new models ? one aimed at high-end amateurs and the other a ‘flagship’ camera ? were first shown at the Photo Marketing Association trade show in Las Vegas in March.

Earlier this year AP spotted the flagship model carrying the code name ‘CX62500’, while the enthusiast camera was labelled the ‘CX62300’.

There has been speculation on the internet that the enthusiast camera will be called the ?Alpha 300?, based on an unconfirmed report that the Alpha 100 was codenamed ?CX62100?.

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