Sony has stressed that the code names that appeared alongside Sony?s two new Alpha cameras on display in Greece earlier this week are for ?internal reference? only.

The new models – one aimed at high-end amateurs and the other a ‘flagship’ camera – were first shown at the PMA show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The labels surfaced on Wednesday alongside mocked-up versions of the cameras, at a workshop about the Alpha system attended by AP?s news editor as part of a Sony-organised conference in Rhodes.

The flagship model carried the code name ‘CX62500’ (pictured), while the enthusiast camera was labelled the ‘CX62300’.

Speaking today, a UK spokeswoman wanted us to emphasise that the references shown have no bearing on the future names of the cameras, neither of which has yet been decided.

Sony told us that the labels were removed from the display case shortly after the workshop to avoid misleading consumers, adding that it was a mistake to have shown them in the first place.

The evening before, Sony’s European president Fujio Nishida said that he expects the new Alphas to ‘solidify’ the company’s position in the marketplace.

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