The firm plans to shift resources towards high-end models

Sony sold 2.8 million compact cameras and interchangeable-lens models, compared to 4.1m the year before.

Sony says it plans to shift its focus towards ‘high value-added models’, in financial results released today.

Sony’s imaging division, which includes video cameras, made an operating loss of 2.3 billion yen (around £15m).

Sales revenue fell 6.9% year-on-year – or 24% when ignoring the effect of a change in exchange rates.

Last year, Sony notched up a 2.2 billion yen operating profit over the same period.

Sony mainly attributes the drop in sales on a ‘significant decrease in unit sales of video cameras and compact digital cameras reflecting a contraction in these markets…’

Commenting on the results, Sony’s management said in a statement: ‘In Digital Imaging, the contraction of the compact digital camera and video camera markets continues.

‘Despite the severe market environment, the “QX” lens-style camera series went on sale aiming to create a new market by proposing a new way to use cameras combining with smartphones.

‘Sony also developed the interchangeable-lens mirrorless “A7” series cameras, equipped with Sony-developed full-sized image sensors, and added new models to the “RX” series which created a high-end compact camera market.

‘Going forward, Sony will continue to work to enhance profitability by creating new markets through the development of products with unique concepts and by shifting to high value-added models.’