Sony has released an official publicity photograph featuring the two new Alpha digital SLRs which it plans to launch over the next 10 months.

The prototypes ? one aimed at high-end amateurs and the other a ?flagship? model (pictured right) – were first shown at the PMA show in Las Vegas, USA in March.

One of the cameras will be launched before the end of this year and the other before 31 March 2008, according to Sony.

Speaking yesterday, a UK spokesman remained tight-lipped over which one will be released onto the market first.

Neither is there word on specification, or the names of the upcoming models.

Two months ago the flagship model was spotted alongside the code name ‘CX62500’, while the enthusiast camera was labelled ‘CX62300’. The code names were inadvertently revealed in a display case at a Sony conference held in Rhodes, Greece.

Shortly afterwards Sony removed the labels, saying it did not want to mislead consumers.

For more on the Alpha code name mystery see here:

Alpha code names exposed

The bulky prism head on the larger of the two bodies pictured below indicates that Sony has a full-frame sensor in mind for its ‘flagship’ model

Pictured here is the high-end enthusiast model