SJCAM have announced the SJ20 Dual-Lens action camera, which sports two lenses, one dedicated to day-time shooting and the other for night-time shooting. It notably features f/1.3 aperture for capturing optimal light when shooting images and video at night.

The camera captures up to 4K video as well as 2.5K, and 1080P resolution options and images up to 20MP. It is waterproof up to 16ft without a case or 130ft with a case and has built-in 6 axis gyroscope stabilisation.

The SJ20 also features two LCD touchscreens, a 2.29” LCD touchscreen on the back and 1.3” LCD touchscreen on the front, and a modular interface on the side of the camera where extra accessories like batteries and a rechargeable camera grip can be connected. It will be available for $229 / £179 from the SJCAM website. The camera’s release date has not been specified yet.


Credit: SJCAM.

‘From project establishment to appearance design, our biggest challenge was combining functionality with appearance. We tried different combinations of chips, sensors and components to provide consumers with the ideal product,’ SJCAM CEO Zhang Hongbing said. ‘After nearly a year of research, development and design, we are proud to launch the new SJ20 Dual-Lens.’

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