CameraWorld is giving away a Domke F-2 Shooters bag, in original sand canvas, signed by Jim Domke who created the first Domke in the 1970s as a portable, practical bag for press photographers.

The store has launched the competition to celebrate the appointment of its London outlet as a ‘Domke Superstore’.

CameraWorld director Tony Stent says the bag is worth £159, and one of only three signed ones available worldwide.

Commenting on his creation, Jim Domke says: ‘Back in 1975, when I was working as a full-time photojournalist for the Philadelphia Inquirer… the rules of the game suddenly changed.

‘Instead of each photographer having his own private company car, we now had to sign out cars from the press pool.

‘As a result we could no longer use the car’s trunk as a de facto camera case for storing and organising our gear.

‘We needed a sturdy, no-nonsense camera bag that could hold enough stuff and function as a portable base of operation.’

Domke’s newspaper told him it would pay for 20 camera bags, if he could design them and have them made at a reasonable cost.

To enter the competition email

The closing date is 30 June.

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