Sigma has finally unveiled full details of its new 14-million-pixel digital SLR, the SD14.

Weeks after issuing a teasing message on its website, Sigma has confirmed that the camera boasts a Foveon X3 imaging sensor and will arrive in the UK in November, priced a penny under £1,100.

The SD14?s Foveon X3 sensor uses three 2,652×1,768 pixel layers ? designed to allow it to output files with the equivalent information of a 14MP camera (three times 4,688 effective). Sigma launched its first digital SLR, the SD9, in October 2002, followed a year later by the SD10. The new SD14 includes JPEG recording format as well as RAW, though we understand that the new camera will not record images in both file formats simultaneously. ?Demand for JPEG?s greater convenience in image handling has increased,? explained a UK spokesman. ?In order to meet this demand, the new SD14, powered by the Foveon X3 direct image sensor, now includes JPEG mode with high image quality, high performance and high versatility.?

Features include a newly developed pentaprism viewfinder with a claimed coverage of 98%, 5-point AF and a 2.5in LCD screen with a resolution of 150,000 pixels.

The SD14 kit comes with Sigma Photo Pro 3.0 software, a RAW image converter whose custom mode is designed to allow the photographer to subtly adjust RAW image data characteristics such as contrast, saturation, shadow and sharpness.

Improvements over the SD10 include a three frames per second burst rate.

It includes mirror lock-up and an image sensor ?dust protector?, designed to prevent dust from entering and adhering to the sensor. In a press statement, Sigma claimed: ?Even if dust adheres to the dust protector, it will not have an adverse influence on image quality, as the dust protector is located away from the image sensor and is therefore out of focus.?

The SD14 ? which has a 35mm lens conversion factor of 1.7x ? is due to arrive in the UK by the end of November.

Also available will be a dedicated power grip (PG-21, priced at £129.99) which incorporates a vertical grip and can hold two BP-21 batteries.

The Sigma SA bayonet-mount camera will be compatible with more than 40 Sigma lenses, according to the company.

? For full details see next week’s issue of AP, in shops on 3 October