Sigma has announced that their mount converter MC-11 is now available in the UK with a suggested retail price of £219.99. The converter is designed to allow photographers to use Sigma EOS-mount and SA-mount DSLR lenses on Sony E-mount cameras.

The MC-11 mount converter is aimed at photographers who use different cameras depending on the subject, and amateurs who use a variety of systems, according to Sigma.

Sigma, which has not released information on compatibility with Canon-made EOS lenses, appears to have achieved a technical milestone.

In a statement, released at the CP+ show in Japan, the firm said: ‘Until now, the market has seen the introduction of many methods for using lenses from one camera system with a body from a different system.

‘In the digital age, however, camera systems have become much more complex, and it is challenging to create a mount converter that aligns both the mechanics and software of the lens and body.

‘Creating a converter that matches lenses for current DSLRs to bodies for mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera systems is even more challenging. Now the market demands a converter that goes beyond simply aligning the flange back distance to retaining full functionality.’

Sigma says the converter incorporates the digital data necessary to deliver a ‘fast and smooth AF for compatible lenses, as well as OS [Optical Stabilizer] features, and functions of the camera that help control peripheral brightness and correct transverse chromatic aberration, distortion, and more.’

The company added: ‘In addition, since Sony E-mount camera bodies do not require mechanical integration with lenses for aperture control, the Mount Converter MC-11 makes Sigma SA-mount interchangeable lenses and Sigma interchangeable lenses for Canon cameras fully compatible with the automatic exposure control of Sony E-mount camera bodies.’