Photographers could face paying more than £12 extra for processing their Agfa Scala black and white slide films in the wake of AgfaPhoto UK going into administration last month.

In the past customers sending off their process-paid films could expect to have their films returned without paying anything more because the processing costs were included in the ?process-paid? price.

However, as the uncertainty surrounding AgfaPhoto UK?s future remains, Primary Colour – the only UK lab to process the film – is asking customers to pay £8.81, plus £3.32 in postage, for processing.

Alternatively, the customer can choose to have the film returned unprocessed.

This means that customers would end up paying more than £12 for processing a single 35mm roll, on top of £14-15 process-paid price they have already forked-out.

Jessops today confirmed that it has now pulled its stocks of the process-paid Agfa Scala film from its shops as a result of the crisis at AgfaPhoto UK.

Two weeks ago Primary Colour, which is based in east London, urged photographers to send in their Agfa Scala films for processing before the end of December because supplies of the chemicals needed to process the film are running out.

Agfa Scala 200x Professional is used by photographers specialising in areas such as fashion, advertising, landscape photography and photojournalism.

It recently emerged that users of AgfaPhoto’s process-paid colour slide film, Agfachrome CT precisa, were also being asked to pay additional processing costs.

Standard Photographic – the Warwickshire-based lab contracted by AgfaPhoto UK to process Agfachrome CT precisa ? said the move was in response to fears that it will not get paid for the work by AgfaPhoto UK.